10 Compelling Ideas For Landscape Design With Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

If you’re looking for ways to give an edge to your commercial property, you should consider giving cherry blossom trees a look. 

These spectacular trees with their sprawling branches and beautiful blossoms captivate the world’s attention each year when they bloom. Whether it’s the 10 Most Famous Cherry Blossom Festivals in Japan or Cherry blossoms around the world, there are few trees that command as much attention as this one from visitors both domestic and international.

Not everyone has that ability to travel around the world to see them, nor do we all have these kinds of trees in our backyards.

So, could investing in cherry blossom trees be just what your property needs to start gathering more interest from clients and customers?

Why Are Cherry Blossom Trees So Iconic?

There is something poetic about cherry blossom trees. In addition to having gentle blossoms that exist in shades from white to pink, they’ve come to symbolize a level of peace and serenity.

That’s actually even their origin story and how they’re connected from Japan to the US, as the planting of cherry trees in Washington DC originated in 1912 as a gift of friendship to the People of the United States from the People of Japan.

Japanese artists have long documented these blossoms in detailed, masterful ways. You can check out 12 Must-See Japanese Masterpieces here. From there, these trees have been incorporated in other forms as well, popping up on jewelry boxes, vases, and more – even becoming a part of popular artist Damien Hirst’s paintings.

From the artists inspired by cherry blossom trees to festivals that celebrate them (the US has them all over, ranging from Hawaii to DC), cherry blossoms are inspirational and influential.

But, as you might have noticed from the above lists, they thrive in very few locations, and are in bloom in very limited times each year. So for commercial properties and landscape designers that are interested in harnessing their attractive qualities, the best move to make is to consider Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees.

What Are The Benefits From Using Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

As noted, there are a number of budgets that using these kinds of fake cherry blossom trees can impart on a commercial property or landscape designer. These are the three most important ones:

  1. Budget – When you set out to design a project using fake trees, you’re working through a manufacturing process that lets you control each step of production. Then once the trees are installed, they require little to no maintenance. For especially attractive trees like artificial cherry blossoms, this signifies getting the benefits of their best features all year round without having to worry about upkeep, watering, root maintenance, or trimming branches.
  2. Seasonality – Even in regions that can accommodate cherry blossom trees, like Washington, D.C., or Japan, there is a limited season. In Japan, March to May is considered the best window of time to view the cherry blossoms. For commercial properties, though, the goal is to attract clients and customers all year long. Planting and caring for live cherry blossom trees would only provide that boost in attendance for one-sixth of the year. Artificial cherry blossom trees, however, maintain their blossoms so your visitors always have a nice feature to look at.
  3. Climate Independence – Cherry blossom trees have a unique power to evoke certain landscapes and regions. For hotels or exhibition centers, as an example, looking to recreate those locales, cherry blossom trees can be a powerful shortcut. That is, if their regions can support the relatively specific climate needs of a cherry blossom tree. With artificial cherry blossom trees, commercial properties can proceed with their design plans without having to take into consideration rainfall, freezing temperatures at night, or soaring temperatures during the day.

Commercial Properties That Benefit From Using Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

Of the list of commercial properties that can take advantage of cherry blossom trees to improve their design, those which feature regular to high amounts of pedestrian traffic stand to gain the most.

This includes some of the following properties:

  1. Hotels
  2. Malls & Stores
  3. Event Venues
  4. Exhibition Centers
  5. Rental Complexes
  6. Private Parks
  7. Golf Courses

Ideas For Designing Landscapes With Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

Below are some of our favorite examples of how large artificial cherry blossom trees can be used to create iconic images that keep customers coming back

  1. Build A Japanese-Themed Hotel Or Spa With Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

Given the international excitement around visiting cherry blossoms in Japan, there is a lot of potential in designing accommodations that give people a way to channel their passions. With a Japanese-themed hotel featuring cherry blossoms, you’re not limited by the season nor the location. Here, the cherry blossoms could be used to line an evocative, serene walkway or to frame the entrance and give a welcoming vibe to the hotel.

Similarly, a spa can evoke one of the reasons that people visit Japan: the abundant hot springs. Depending on the setup of the spa, the use of cherry blossom trees to drape over the bubbling, relaxing jacuzzis can provide another level of detail to help transport visitors.

  1. Design A Must-Visit Golf Course With Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

The world’s best golf courses can become destinations in themselves, with people planning trips to Scotland and California from all over the world just to have the opportunity to play at the destinations they’ve seen featured in international tournaments. Many new courses are being constructed in completely new environments.

What these cherry blossom trees allow you to do is to create a transportive scenery without having to worry about the environmental impact that comes from importing trees or getting grass to grow in tough terrains. This helps ease the burden of creating these must-visit golf courses and attracting tourists from all over. 

  1. Create A Romantic Restaurant Scene With Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

When couples think of where to go for a romantic evening at a restaurant, they think of the cuisine, they hope for a candlelit atmosphere, and they wish for a photo to memorialize it all. One way to create this environment and provide a photo backdrop that’ll have them remembering that night forever is with a large artificial cherry blossom tree.

The surprising nature of having an oversized, flowering tree inside – or even on a back patio – is complemented by the serene beauty of its silk flower blossom petals, creating a dreamy escape that’ll make their dinner truly special. Then when they share that dinner with friends, family, and in their social media circles, you’ll see how it works to help brand your restaurant as a must-visit spot.

  1. Channel Spring In Your Events With The Iconic Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

When you’re in the large-scale event planning business, you may be looking for ways to create moments that help set your clients apart. Opting for the attention-grabbing large artificial cherry blossom trees is a way to draw attention to the main floor, ideal if your exposition has a headlining event or distributor.

For conferences that aren’t as visually appealing as, say, a comic book festival, these large artificial trees can also serve as a welcome relief from booth after booth after booth. Let your attendees use them as a central meeting point, and use the photos of them milling around to help promote the sequel event for the following year.

  1. Give Your Photography Studio A Competitive Edge With Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

Though it seems like everyone has mastered photography with their increasingly impressive cell phones

  1. Upgrade Your Mall Or Commercial Property With A Pop Of Color Using Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

Most malls and commercial properties tend to think of artificial trees only around the winter holidays. Though that’s understandable, forward-thinking commercial properties would consider that this investment in longer-lasting trees can add that same attraction and interest all year long. Especially with large artificial cherry blossom trees, which add a nice layer of sophistication and elegance, malls can look to upgrade their offer.

  1. Make Your Amusement Park Or Miniature Golf Course Livelier With Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

While miniature golf courses are certainly known for their wild and wacky gaming elements, from animatronic dinosaurs to scale versions of windmills, there’s something to be said about adding a beautiful element, too. This not only creates a nice respite from the more extreme elements of a miniature golf course, but it can also make you appreciate the whole experience more. 

  1. Landscape Your Hotel’s Private Gardens With Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

Depending on the climate where your hotel is located, cherry blossom trees may seem out of limits. But by investing in large artificial cherry blossom trees around private areas like gardens, patios, or walkways, can add to the exclusive feeling that a refined hotel strives to achieve.

You can also use them as a way to separate the hotel’s restaurant or spa apart from the rest of the building. By giving your guests that physical sense of crossing over a border from the functional areas of the hotel to a more indulgent, relaxing area, you’ll elevate their whole experience.

  1. Host An Epic Finish Line For Your Community Fun Run Or Marathon With Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

One event that can really bring the community together is a fun run or local marathon. Given how many opportunities there are for photos throughout the course, especially at the finish line, working with an event planning or rental company to incorporate large artificial cherry blossom trees can give people the picture-perfect finish they’ve been training for.

Plus, these are events that tend to attract people buying and sharing photos, so the more compelling you can make them for the participants, the more likely they are to buy and share, spreading the word of your event and bringing back repeat customers (and new ones) for each successive year.

  1. Elevate Your School’s Playground With An Extra Dose Of Nature With Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees

It is well known that offering students more opportunities to spend time outside and away from screens is a great way to help their development. Still, with more and more people moving to urban cities, it can be harder to find that time outside. That’s why schools and administrators should consider encouraging outdoor play by adding a large artificial cherry blossom tree.

As a welcome break from pavement and tarmac, the colors and size of these impressive trees are sure to inspire imaginative play for kids of all ages.

How Customizable Are Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees?

The perk of ordering large artificial cherry blossom trees from a wholesale manufacturer like Fake Tree Decor is that you can customize them completely to fit your needs.

They can be customized in each of the following ways:

  1. Customize your Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Color – choose between pink, white, yellow, red, orange, mixed colors, and more
  2. Customize your Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Blossoms – choose the branches you want between solid cherry, mixed cherry blossom, mixed cherry stems, big cherry blossoms, small cherry, and weeping cherry in different colors
  3. Customize your Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Size – get the tree you need for your space, available in heights from 220cm – 250cm and widths of 220cm – 250cm

Where To Order Wholesale Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees 

Interested in incorporating artificial cherry blossom trees into your next commercial property landscaping project? Consult with the experts at Fake Tree Decor to begin developing the right plan for you.