10 Most Popular Wedding Themes You Can Create With Artificial Trees

When it comes time to plan a wedding, there are a lot of factors to consider.

The bride and groom will be thinking about their outfits.

The family will be thinking about the size of the wedding party and the venue.

And the guests will be getting excited about an amazing event celebrating the people in their lives that they love.

The one element that will tie all of those groups together?

The wedding theme. Whether it’s a humble backyard wedding or a blowout destination event, the theme will incorporate the wedding party and the guests as the backdrop for all of those personal, lasting memories.

And an ever-more popular way to make those themes come alive? The use of artificial trees. Sought after by both event planners and by brides, artificial trees are adding a dynamic new element to the theme-designing process.

Why Event Planners Use Artificial Trees When Planning A Wedding

Not every bride develops her whole wedding theme by herself. Wedding and event planners are always in-demand as a way to share some of the event preparation.

For wedding planners, artificial trees offer a number of exciting elements. 

For one, if they are working closely with event planners, they can invest in artificial trees that can be used at multiple events. This makes artificial trees a way to more effectively budget for events throughout the season, and even offer discounted rates to clients.

That budget then allows for wedding planners to offer the happy couple a way to have their fantasy wedding at any point during the year. Given that artificial trees don’t need to be cared for (and you’re not worrying about them being in bloom!), location or season-specific themes can be suggested, no matter the time of year.

For that budgeting and creativity flexibility, more and more event planners are considering artificial trees.

Why Brides Want To Use Artificial Trees For Planning Their Next Wedding

The thrill of planning a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding is watching your vision come to life. Whether it’s a dream you’ve had since you were a child or you’re creating a theme based on a shared bond between you and your partner, you have a chance with your wedding to create something absolutely unique.

And in today’s social media age, the event’s theme and photos are as popular as they’ve ever been. 

What artificial trees allow a bride and groom to do is create something iconic, a lasting memory and stand-out moment that might not have been possible otherwise. Whether it’s because of the size of the tree, its coloring, or something unexpected (maybe a tropical tree in winter!), these trees have the capacity to transform an event.

How To Create The 10 Most Popular Wedding Themes With Artificial Trees

According to The Knot, the 10 Most Popular Wedding Themes Right Now include: Rustic, Beach, Vintage, Travel, Country, Fall, Garden, Disney, Winter Wonderland, and Gatsby.

With the currently available trees at Fake Tree Decor, creating some of today’s most desirable wedding themes doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams. You can do it, too! Read on to see how adding an artificial tree makes each one of these themes look even more impressive.

1. Your Rustic Wedding With Artificial Trees

Capturing that backdoor vibe is all the rage right now. Especially with popular singers like Taylor Swift crafting this sweet image of Americana, a rustic wedding is sure to be high on the list for upcoming weddings.

But what happens if you don’t live near a forest? Or if you’re looking to capture that American backyard feeling but you live outside of the States?

One of the most iconic American trees is the Pine, and this Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Tree is a faithful representation, both in terms of size and detail.

For the bride that wants to walk down the aisle while being serenaded by folk songs or country music, having a number of pine trees to create a charming rustic backdrop is the way to go.

Plus, if you’re in a more urban setting, these trees have enough size to help transport the feeling of the event to a whole different setting, even when there are buildings all around.

2. Creating A Beach Wedding With Artificial Trees

Though there’s no doubt that destination weddings are popular, the cost involved can cause brides and wedding planners to rethink this kind of event.

That cost can also keep guests from attending your wedding, too, so if the hope is to have a big family gathering, you might be better off thinking about how to recreate that idyllic beachside destination wedding with artificial trees.

Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of options. With realistic details and impressive fronds, these Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees evoke romantic destinations like Hawaii.

And while those can end up being quite large, you can also consider the Fake Mini Palm Tree to add a tropical flair to events both inside and outside.

While just as realistic as its larger brother, this more manageable and reasonably priced fake mini palm tree can help set the scene for a romantic beach-themed wedding – without all the travel.

3. Designing A Vintage Wedding With Artificial Trees

A vintage wedding is all about a timeless look that will feel in style for years after. Think about decades down the line when you’re looking over photos of the event. What’s the mood you’re trying to evoke? What’s the emotion you’re trying to capture?

Depending on just what kind of vintage theme you’re after, there are a number of artificial trees that can help you achieve it.

Our favorite would be a kind of old world theme with European vibes. Given many of those countries are famous for their wine and their olives, this Large Faux Olive Tree can help make the theme come alive.

With guests dressed to the nines in classic suits and dresses, you’ll evoke a time gone by and a certain timelessness all at once.

4. An Inspiring Travel-Themed Wedding With Artificial Trees

The appeal of the destination wedding is being able to travel and explore while also celebrating with dear friends and family in an exotic locale.

When it comes to certain destinations, however, there are only a few times a year when they are ideal to visit. Take Japan, for example. While it is a beautiful spot to vacation all year round, if you’re looking to go for the Cherry Blossoms specifically, you’ll have to time your trip just right.

And if that doesn’t line up with your dates – maybe you’re hoping to have a very specific anniversary – then what should you do?

With the impressively realistic Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree, you can bring your ideas to life wherever you are – and with whatever season it happens to be.

With lifelike silk Cherry Blossoms and a fiberglass trunk, you get all of the romance of a trip to Japan without the restrictions of certain seasons.

For the bride who has a vision of how exactly she needs her wedding to look, this artificial tree is an attractive option.

5. A Down-to-Earth Country-Themed Wedding With Artificial Trees

For generations of young women who’ve been listening to country songs their whole life, there’s something special about the idea about walking down the aisle surrounded by friends, family, and flowers.

But what happens when it’s not the right season for the flowers you like? Or you live in an area where those kinds of flowers don’t grow?

With the customizable Artificial Flower Tree, brides-to-be can select the size and coloring of their choice to make sure that their boots-and-gown wedding is just as they imagined. This romantic tree is also the just-right size for both indoor and outdoor events.

So for that fairytale country wedding that can only be held inside, this is the kind of artificial tree that can make those dreams come true.

6. Planning A Perfect Fall Wedding With Artificial Trees

October is traditionally the most popular month for weddings. Often the weather is beginning to cool down after the heat of summer, the days still aren’t too short, and there aren’t major holidays to compete with so guests tend to have availability.

Plus, there’s something about the beautiful fall colors of leaves changing from green to red and yellow.

But what if you live closer to the equator, and you don’t have as much access to trees with changing colors? Or if for guest availability reasons, you have to have your dream fall wedding … in the spring?

This Artificial Japanese Maple Tree helps to capture the spirit of the changing seasons – no matter what time of year it is. With beautiful red silk fabric leaves with iron stems, you’ll have an artificial tree that looks the part and makes your dream fall wedding theme come to life.

7. Make Your Dreamy Garden Wedding With Artificial Trees

For anyone that’s seen any of the royal weddings, there’s something so classic about the idea of having a beautiful garden as a part of the wedding ceremony.

Guaranteeing access to a garden like that is another question. In big cities, professional event spaces can charge high prices because the upkeep of those gardens throughout the year is understandably expensive.

In smaller cities, you might not have access to the garden that fits with your vision.

In those cases, supplementing your floral budget with these Artificial Blossom Trees can be an ideal way to bring your vision to life.

Lifelike silk flowers and a wooden trunk bring all the natural elements together to make sure your wedding is exactly as you envisioned it. And while these blossoms are originally available in white, the experts at Fake Tree Decor are happy to discuss customizations to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

8. Get The Disney Wedding Of Your Dreams With Artificial Trees

Coming in again on the list of most popular wedding themes for this year is the Disney wedding. Given the amount of Disney films, theme parks, and projects, this is a theme that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

But if part of that theme is channeling the fireworks, the fun, and the fiery colors of animated movies, it’s important to have decor that matches.

This attention-grabbing Artificial Red Maple Tree fits the bill perfectly. With its impressive size (up to 350 cm high and 350 cm wide, or about 12’ by 12’) and bright coloring, you get the fantastic, rich colors of an animated movie brought to life – perfect for your dream Disney wedding.

9. Make An Inspiring Winter Wonderland Wedding With Artificial Trees

The all-white beauty of a winter landscape is filled with symbolism for the fresh start of a new life together. Plus, it’s just plain stunning! It’s no wonder winter wonderland weddings are such a popular theme.

One obvious thing that needs to be said about winter weddings: they can be cold. Freezing cold. And for as beautiful as snowscapes can be, it can limit the style of dress – both for the wedding party and for the guests.

Better, then, to create the effect of a winter wonderland. And it’s very doable with artificial trees, even when you don’t live in cooler climates. Just look at this Artificial Wisteria Tree as a potential centerpiece.

Impressively sized at up to 400 cm wide and tall (more than 13’) and with white flowers that dangle like freshly fallen snow, this artificial tree adds plenty of natural beauty to any winter-themed event.

10. Channel The Roaring 20s Gatsby Wedding With Artificial Trees

The Roaring 20s in the United States were known for their liveliness, the parties, and yes, the prohibition.

So a fun way to channel all that is a nod to the festivities with champagne! Champagne toasts to the newly weds, champagne-themed cakes, and of course, the color champagne.

That’s why this Artificial Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree with champagne blossoms makes a fitting accompaniment to any Gatsby-themed party. As the backdrop to your wedding photos and as a fitting part of the party, an artificial tree can liven up the whole event.

The Next Steps To Creating Your Wedding Themes With Artificial Trees

You can find all of the above trees available for sale now at Fake Tree Decor. There is a good chance that you may be thinking of something specific or specialized for your wedding. If that’s the case, feel free to get in touch with our experienced staff of artisans who can help you customize artificial trees to get just what you’re looking for.

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