10 Ways To Use Artificial Trees To Beautify Your Shopping Mall And Retail Space

If you’re own a business at a mall or you’re involved in mall development, you share the same goal:

You want customers to spend as much time as possible shopping.

While we all love the convenience of home delivery, it’s in our best interest if customers spend time at our stores, doing their errands, and buying their necessities.

While there are certain pillar stores and brands that always motivate people to head to the mall, there are benefits that can be shared when customers move beyond thinking of their trips around a single store and group all of their errands together.

To do so, customers need to think of the mall as that place where they can get more done at once – and that they’ll actually enjoy spending more time there. Making the mall or commercial space more attractive for customers is the key to opening up those opportunities.

With a more attractive space, groups of teenagers are more likely to make the shopping mall a destination to spend time.

Parents are more likely to take their children on errands.

And more senior citizens may choose to use the public areas for their walking or socializing.

The cumulative effect of increasing attendance to malls is, inevitably, increased foot traffic at stores. And this can be especially beneficial for smaller stores that depend on people walking between the other, more popular ones. In turn, this support of smaller stores gives customers even more reasons to return, which inevitably helps out the bigger stores.

So how can you create a more beautiful visitor experience?

One way to get customers to spend more time in commercial areas is by investing in artificial trees. This beautiful, lifelike alternative to real trees is a designer’s favorite – and they’re economical, too, since you don’t have to budget nearly as much for upkeep and maintenance.

Instead, you can focus on the creative elements of incorporating artificial trees to beautify your shopping mall. 

We’ve included ten of our favorite ideas below. If you’re looking for ways to use wholesale artificial trees in your commercial properties, we have you covered.

1. Make The Mall Entrance Come Alive With Artificial Trees

Depending on the size of the mall you’re developing, you may have just one mall entrance – or multiple. Likely, some of those entrances are through storefronts. 

The ones you’ll want to focus on with your artificial tree investment are the main entrances. This is how you draw attention to the mall itself and make visiting and spending time at the mall an event.

Using a couple of towering Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees to line either side of the door can make guests feel like they’re walking into a tropical oasis. Or you can consider the Artificial Coconut Tree for another island-inspired way to draw guests’ attention toward your front doors.

The key here is to make entering and exiting the mall a memorable experience. When guests associate that sense of wonder or that positive impression with their arrival or with the last thing that they see, it’ll leave them feeling even more excited about returning.

2. Create Captivating Corners With Artificial Trees

Decorating with artificial trees in retail malls and shopping centers is about seeing opportunities where others see nothing. 

Because these big commercial spaces require a lot of technical pieces behind-the-scenes to keep them working, like wiring, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, and more, there are often stretches of dull walls, uninspiring corners, or funky objects that have to be disguised.

Each one of these presents an opportunity for you to seize. Even the dullest corner can be made a bit more eye-catching with an artificial tree. Just imagine a Fake Mini Palm Tree or two with a few handsomely designed boulders creating a textured, alluring oasis. Maybe it’s a nice place to sit and rest, maybe it makes for a fun photoshoot at the mall, or maybe it just ends up being an attractive area to walk by.

No matter how you frame it, though, adding some greenery (that doesn’t require watering or upkeep) makes for a more pleasant experience for your guests.

3. Make A Beautiful Moment In Your Food Court

From the customer’s perspective, the food court can be one of two things:

It’s either a fast-paced feeding frenzy where they try and eat quickly to get back to their errands.

Or, it’s a much-needed break, a restorative moment where they can sit back with their friends, their family, maybe their kids, and enjoy a good meal.

Though people inevitably face rushes looking for last-minute items and gifts, the more a commercial retailer can create opportunities for positive moments, the better.

Since greenery tends to have a calming effect on people of all ages, incorporating artificial trees in food courts is a nice way to provide that laidback feeling. 

One option is to bring the great outdoors inside with these Artificial Ficus Trees. Especially when used in groups, they add thick bunches of greenery that can give your customers a break from the hustle and bustle of shopping.

4. Don’t Worry About Unsightly Maintenance With Fake Trees

Something that’s inevitable with big groups of people? Messes. There will always be pieces of trash, discarded food, and things to pick up. Because of that, some amount of maintenance will always be necessary in shopping malls.

But when you can avoid having workers or servicemen and women moving around while shoppers are visiting, it’s better. 

In that way, opting for fake trees instead of real plants and flowers is an easy switch to make that will have a subtle but lasting effect on your customers.

While it’s possible to have the crews work after hours or in the early mornings for bigger maintenance projects, real plants and flowers also go through cycles of shedding leaves and petals, so it could be something your staff needs to tend to throughout the day.

5. Use A Range Of Artificial Trees For Dynamic Beauty

The useful thing about buying artificial trees wholesale is that you can think about more than one commercial property at a time. Just because you get a number of Artificial Japanese Maple Trees doesn’t mean you need to overdo it in one space.

Instead, think of the saying “Variety is the spice of life.” What makes a tree like that Japanese Maple so special is how unique it looks. By decorating spaces with a handful of types of trees, like, say these Artificial Blossom Trees, and then have them lead up to the stars of the show, the more iconic or impressive trees, you can create more visual interest and beauty in the walkways and common areas of your commercial spaces.

6. Bring The Outdoors Inside With Nature-Themed Play Areas

It’s often said that children thrive outdoors. The large trees, the wide paths, and the freedom to play when and how they want brings out the best in them.

With our modern cities the way they are, it’s not always possible for kids to be outdoors at every possible moment. But if you could give parents a way to feel like they were helping their kids spend time outside, playing with other kids, you could create a compelling reason for them to continue returning to the mall.

Thanks to such attention-grabbing trees as these Artificial Flower Trees, with spans of up to 600 cm, you can transform meeting areas and play spaces to give kids the feeling of a park, a forest path, or even a jungle.

In doing so, you’ll make it easier for parents to justify coming as they’ll have a place they know their kids can get rid of their excess energy and socialize.

7. Make Washrooms And Restrooms More Comfortable With Small Artificial Trees

Bathrooms are a necessary part of any shopping center or retail complex. It doesn’t seem likely that customers would choose one mall over another simply because the bathrooms felt nicer, but a nicer bathroom will still elevate the experience.

Used just outside the bathroom or even inside, these table-sized artificial trees can add a nice bit of natural décor and a sense of relief from the noise and energy of the mall.

Creating that small moment for customers to recharge will go a long way to making their overall visit more positive.

8. Use Artificial Trees To Create Relaxed Sitting Areas In Your Mall

Many people may end up using the shopping center for more than just shopping. They’ll come to meet up, to walk around, and even to exercise.

While at first this may not sound ideal – after all, they’re not shopping! – you’ll soon realize that they’re choosing your retail complex over a park or other public area. That means while they may not be shopping now, they’ll be regularly seeing what kinds of shops and offers are available, so helping them feel comfortable today is good business for tomorrow.

With the overhanging branches of the Artificial Wisteria Tree, you can create iconic sitting spaces that are unlike any other mall. Secluded, natural, and stunning, these will be moments shoppers and non-shoppers alike look forward to with each visit.

9. Theme Your Mall Or Retail Space With Location-Specific Artificial Trees

A bigger idea for mall developers is to take advantage of bulk artificial tree manufacturers like Fake Tree Decor and create themes for the entire shopping center. 

With the availability of thematically similar trees like artificial coconut trees and artificial palm trees, a mall could easily and convincingly pull off tropical decor. 

Similarly, a combination of the Artificial Japanese Maple Tree, Artificial Maple Tree, and Artificial Red Maple Tree could make for a great Japanese-inspired mall.

By theming a mall with artificial trees, you get to take advantage of the nature-inspired benefits already mentioned and create a mall going experience that is truly unique.

10. Make Your Mall Unlike Any Other With Customizable Artificial Trees

To set yourself apart from what others are doing, you may have to do something that’s never been done.

Fortunately, bulk artificial tree designers can also create custom orders based on your specifications and your ideas. With customizations ranging from types of trees to the color of the silk petals, creating just the look you’d like with artificial trees is easier than it’s ever been.

Where To Get Wholesale Artificial Trees

For commercial developers looking to bulk order artificial trees, it’s important to go with a company that’s established. With Fake Tree Decor, you’re engaging with a manufacturer with 30 years of experience, over 560 customers served, and more than 970 tree designs.

When you’re ready to talk about the artificial tree designs for your commercial project, reach out to the experienced team at Fake Tree Decor today.

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