Behind each of our artificial trees is years of technical innovation, inspiration, and dedication. is the leading online source that specializes in artificial trees, artificial plants, artwork, and art decorations.

My journey to crafting these gorgeous, lifelike trees began more humbly. I started as an industrial artist designing arts and crafts in a national enterprise. But I found myself drawn to nature, creating works that could add beauty and boldness on a scale most people never expected.

So in 1997, I set up the Fake Tree Decor craft artificial tree factory and company to realize my dreams. Then, in 1998, we joined with our compatriots from Taiwan who were selling imitation garden products in DongGuan, mainland China, to deliver even more lifelike, stunning works.

With that goal in mind, I led a transformation of your company from the production of decorative handicrafts into simulated horticultural products. Now we’re proud to have one of the world’s leading professional artificial tree companies, and Fake Tree Decor is our main project and we focus each day on improving our designs, production, and sales.

The Process Behind Producing The World’s Best Fake Trees

As we’ve mastered the form, we have been able to produce a larger range of more realistic trees. Our faux trees currently include artificial palm trees, artificial flowering trees, fake olive trees, artificial ficus trees, fake maple trees, tabletop centerpiece trees, and more.

Each tree starts from my analysis of the ecological principles of the simulation tree so that we make sure our designs bring an inspired touch to your space. Through the shape of the tree, the density of its leaves and a careful and reasonable layout, we are able to deliver accurate, standard artificial products.

Throughout the production of our trees, we continue to adhere to this natural ecotype.

The internal structure of the faux tree is welded into a whole by placing a number of steel bars inside the product according to safe and reliable building construction technology.

The raw material of our products is the combination of hard 191 resin with 198 soft industrial resin, which has performed incredibly well in terms of wind resistance, anti-collision, and tenacity.

The product’s bark directly replicates the well-textured skin of a real tree with a texture fidelity of bark that can reach more than 90%.

Our efforts to create the most durable, most accurate artificial trees has resulted in deeply satisfied customers across the world. Currently, our products are well sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, as well as Southeast Asia.

We Make Our Trees For You

Like the trees we’re inspired by, we want to be there for and support our customers. Good service is a sincere pursuit, and we’re here to help you however we can.

With that, our goal is to provide you with an easy way to find the next piece you’ll use for decorating your home, restaurant, hotel, exhibition, or event, and we hope can be your one-stop worry-free platform for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

Thank you for being a part of our dream here at Fake Tree Decor to supply the world with nature-inspired designs. We can’t wait to work with you soon.