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Artificial Blossom Tree

Transform An Ordinary Aisle Into A Breathkeeping Masterpiece As The Bride Looks Even More Stunning With This Blossom Tree By Her Side.

Product Name Artificial Blossom Tree
Blossom Material Silk Ficus With Iron Stem
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Trunk Material Wooden Trunk
Tree Size 170cm (66.9″) High, 50cm (19.7″) Width
Packaging Plywood
MOQ 10 Pieces
Application Holiday, Party, Wedding, Hotel, Event, Etc.


Add Effortless Beauty To Your Romantic, Modern Wedding With This Simple, Easy, Elegant Artificial Blossom Tree

  1. Set the scene for a wonderful wedding day – indoors or outdoors – with this Artificial Blossom Tree for a stunning, eye-catching aisle runner
  2. Enjoy this budget-friendly option for wedding events, bridal showers, award ceremonies, photo studios, and other special events by reusing this long-lasting, stunning silk blooming tree
  3. The perfect wedding decor for tabletops and on decorative containers, these Artificial Blossom Trees add realism and light to make your special event even better
  4. Made from high-quality silk and with natural-looking trunks, these trees add a carefree, natural look to your event that doesn’t need to be watered or worried about

Transform An Ordinary Aisle Into A Breathkeeping Masterpiece As The Bride Looks Even More Stunning With This Blossom Tree By Her Side

The second she walks out that door to come down the aisle, all eyes are on her. They’ll see her hair, her dress, the shoes, and the way she shines. To make sure the scene is set for her big moment, there’s nothing like this Artificial Blossom Tree to add a touch of silken elegance.

Don’t take last-minute decorations to chance. With this natural-looking tree, you’ll be able to present your vision for your wedding exactly how you want it. The Artificial Blossom Tree can also be customized to your favorite plants and flowers so nothing gets in between you and a truly perfect moment.

So whether you’ve got a few Artificial Blossom Trees providing the bride the gorgeous background she deserves as she walks down the aisle, or you’re using them to create a backdrop the bride and groom will treasure forever in the photos of their vows, these silk blooming trees truly create the moment.

Make Your Vows Truly Unforgettable With A Picture-Perfect Scenery Set Up On Your Sides For The Portrait You’ll Treasure Always

  1. Customize the size according to your needs, as well as your favorite flowers and plants
  2. Comes standard at 170cm high with flowers that stretch 50cm wide
  3. For your convenience, the Artificial Blossom Tree can come as one complete plant, or separate trunk and flower portions
  4. Almost no installation requirements means that these beautiful flowers are always event-ready

A Gorgeous Addition To Any Event

Instantly lighten up your event with realistic greenery and ivory flowers for a charming, personal touch. When you don’t have to worry about wilted flower petals or keeping these plants watered, you get to spend more time focused on the big day.

High-Quality Silk With Lifelike Blooms
This beautiful silk blooming tree looks just like the real thing with a floral canopy made up of silk roses, hydrangeas, and eucalyptus leaves. Made from high-quality silk, this soft-to-the-touch combination of white flowers and green plants creates a lively, natural atmosphere.

Perfect For Wedding Designers and Event Coordinators
If you’re a wedding designer or an event planner looking for the perfect go-to item to have handy to instantly add a classic touch, look no further than these portable, affordable Artificial Blossom Trees.