Custom Design

Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree

Set Your Venue Apart With An Always-In-Season Blooming Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Inspired By Nature and Designed To Last.

Product Name Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree
Blossom Material Silk Cherry Blossoms
Trunk Material Fiberglass With Steel Structure
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Tree Size 250cm (98.4″) High, 250cm (98.4″) Width
Trunk Diameter 18cm (7.1″)
Bottom Diameter 30cm (11.8″)
Plywood Packaging 193cm (76.0″) x 98cm (38.6″) x 99cm (39.0″) (4PCS/BOX)
Application Holiday, Party, Wedding, Hotel, Event, Etc.


Stunningly Lifelike Cherry Blossom Tree Adds An Enduring, Beautiful Touch To Interior and Exterior Decor For Events, Exhibitions, And More

  1. Exquisitely detailed silk cherry blossoms in a range of colors imitate the beauty of nature for a long-lasting, slow-fading homage to nature
  2. Create a lasting impression at your hotel or event space with this vibrant, show-stopping Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree, designed just to your specifications with the color and size you need
  3. Fine art meets craftsmanship with Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees, constructed of steel and iron trunks and base for a sturdy, weather-resistant tree that stays standing
  4. Event planners, party organizers, and homeowners will love the long-lasting beauty of the Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree

Set Your Venue Apart With An Always-In-Season Blooming Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Inspired By Nature and Designed To Last

People travel far and wide just for a glimpse of cherry blossoms, that fleeting moment of natural beauty that happens just once a year in precious few places.

Now you can capture the essence of that moment and preserve it for the whole year with a gorgeous Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree, designed with timeless silk blossoms in a variety of colors to present a breathtaking look, no matter the occasion.

Whether you’re a hotelier looking to add some wonderful, low-maintenance design touches to your foyer or a wedding event planner creating a never-before-seen-look, these Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees are an inspiration.

Made of materials that last, as well as having the advantages of being well insulated, strongly heat resistant, corrosion-resistant, and with high mechanical strength, this work of art is also technically sound to give you peace of mind when you’re creating the landscape of your dreams.

For a long-lasting creative decoration that’s skillfully made and creatively inspiring, order your own Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees today.

Sturdy Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Features Strong Steel Base, Fiberglass Trunk, and Silk Cherry Blossoms To Provide Long-Lasting Charms, Designed Just How You Like it

  1. Customize your Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree and choose between pink, white, yellow, red, orange, mixed colors, and more
  2.  Choose exactly the branches you want between solid cherry, mixed cherry blossom, mixed cherry stems, big cherry blossoms, small cherry, and weeping cherry in different colors
  3. Get the tree you need for your space, available in heights from 220cm – 250cm and widths of 220cm – 250cm

Beautiful Design Inspired By Nature
To create a tree you’ll be proud of, our artists and designers were inspired by visits to botanical gardens to emulate the texture and color of the bark, realistic molds to create real-sized trees, and the natural, individual shapes of the iconic cherry blossoms.

Crafted With Care By Skilled Artisans

Our dedicated design team uses active printing and dyeing techniques to craft silk petals in different sizes and colors, structurally sound trees, and a combination of steel, fiberglass, and iron to create bases and trunks that will last.

Built To Withstand Weather

These Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees are made of the best raw materials with the finest workmanship to ensure they stand tall, even outdoors and in windy conditions. One of the most important factors in determining a tree’s sturdiness is its internal structure, which is why ours combine their steel support to an iron base for maximum stability.