Custom Design

Artificial Coconut Tree

Customizable and Adjustable Artificial Coconut Tree Adds Breezy Tropical Vibes To Hotels, Swimming Pool Area, Exhibition Halls, Airports, And More.

Product Name Artificial Coconut Tree
Leaf Material Waterproof Silk Fabric + Spring Steel + Galvanized Steel Pipe
Trunk Material Fiberglass With Steel Structure
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Tree Height 500cm (197″)
Trunk Height 310cm (122″)
Bottom Diameter 45cm (17.7″)
Middle Material 25cm (9.8″)
Leaves 18cm (7.1″)
Plywood Packaging 350cm (137.8″) x 70cm (27.6″) x 70cm (27.6″)
Application Swimming Pool, Park, Exhibition, Hotel, Airport, School, Event, Etc.


Easily Create The Tropical Scene Of Your Dreams With Sets Of Stunningly Lifelike Artificial Coconut Trees That Are Built To Last

  1. Your ideal tropical landscape is as sets of Artificial Coconut Trees help make your indoor or outdoor environment come to life – perfect for hotels, pools, shopping centers, business centers, and more
  2. Palms grow in sets, so emulate nature with our easy-to-order Artificial Coconut Trees and order as many as you need for your design plans
  3. With leaves made from gorgeous, waterproof silk fabric and the trunk and base made from fiberglass and steel, the Artificial Coconut Tree looks natural and will stand strong, no matter the venue
  4. Palms come complete and ready to go – all you need to do is pop in the leaves and shape them just how you like and your Artificial Coconut Tree is set

Customizable and Adjustable Artificial Coconut Tree Adds Breezy Tropical Vibes To Hotels, Swimming Pool Area, Exhibition Halls, Airports, And More

There’s nothing quite like a set of palm trees for evoking a tropical, breezy landscape that’s straight out of a postcard.

Now you can channel island dreams into your landscape design anytime you like – without the hassle or costs of caring for live plants – with Artificial Coconut Trees designed to bring tropical landscapes to life, no matter where you happen to be.

With leaves made of a silk fabric engineered to withstand the elements, and a sturdy, fiberglass and steel base encased in resin for a lifelike tree, these Artificial Coconut Trees make an outstanding addition to both interior and exterior settings.

The perfect backdrop for swimming pools, hotel lobbies, event spaces, and more, get a set of Artificial Coconut Trees today to complete the tropical landscape you’ve been waiting for.

Hassle-Free Artificial Coconut Trees Are The Perfect Solution For Getting A Tropical Landscape Without The Wait – And Without The Landscaping Costs!

  1. Sturdiness and stability are achieved by connecting a bottom flat iron plate with steel bars through the inside of the trunk, keeping the tree upright no matter the weather.
  2. No maintenance required – just the occasional cleaning like you would with any other piece of furniture around your home or venue
  3. Achieve a height of about 500cm, including the iron plate to the top of the tree – 310cm of that height is made up of the trunk, and its diameter goes from 25cm in the middle to 45cm at the base
  4. We can adjust the Artificial Coconut Tree’s height down to 4m according to your needs

Modern Technology Meets Natural Beauty
This Artificial Coconut Tree and its artificial palm leaves can withstand strong sunlight, wind, and rain. That’s thanks to leaves made of a treated premium silk that is both waterproof and sun-resistant, made to withstand the elements and continue providing an attractive natural backdrop.

Highly Realistic Resin For A Believable Base
The outside of our Artificial Coconut Palm Tree’s trunk is encased in a special high-strength resin that provides an impressively realistic texture so nothing will distract from the scene of your dreams.

Leaves That Bend – Just Like The Real Thing
Achieve an all-natural look with artificial leaves with built-in springs that bend and shape to create lifelike looks, as if your Artificial Coconut Palm Tree were actually swaying in the breeze.