Custom Design

Artificial Ficus Tree

This Lushly Detailed Faux Ficus Tree Adds A Picturesque Backdrop To Any Office, Restaurant, Hotel, Or Large Venue – Without Having To Pay Landscaping Fees!

Product Name Artificial Ficus Tree
Leaf Material Silk Ficus Leaves
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Trunk Material Fiberglass With Steel Structure
Tree Size 250cm (98.4″) High, 250cm (98.4″) Width
Trunk Diameter 18cm (7.1″)
Bottom Diameter 30cm (11.8″)
Plywood Packaging 193cm (76.0″) x 98cm (38.6″) x 99cm (39.0″) (4PCS/BOX)
Application Holiday, Party, Wedding, Hotel, Event, Etc.


Bring Fresh Color and Natural Beauty To Your Garden Or Building With This Unbelievably Lifelike Artificial Ficus Tree

  1. Create stunning scenes and visual appeal with the natural beauty and verdant lushness of the Artificial Ficus Tree
  2. An elegant addition for special events or livening up spaces like hotels, offices, restaurants, and more, this faux ficus tree brings plenty of freshness and color
  3. Make them do a double-take with bark textured to look like the real thing with bumps, grooves, knots, and more
  4. This energetic tree helps your space comes to life thanks to silk leaves composed of dark and light greens that create a surprisingly realistic effect

This Lushly Detailed Faux Ficus Tree Adds A Picturesque Backdrop To Any Office, Restaurant, Hotel, Or Large Venue – Without Having To Pay Landscaping Fees!

Walk into any establishment and one of the first things you’ll notice is the greenery. Sometimes it’s the landscaping out front, sometimes it’s the garden, sometimes it’s the flowers on the tabletops inside.

Create that effect for yourself with this large Artificial Ficus Tree, and create a unique, lush look for your space – without the need to constantly water, pay a gardener, or clean up after fallen leaves.

This hassle-free faux ficus is an all-natural stunner, crafted to look just like the real tree with two-tone silk leaves and a realistic resin trunk. It looks right at home in your home, as well as in more public spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices, and villas.

Add a dash of all-natural energy that lasts all year long with the sturdy, stunning Artificial Ficus Tree.

Design That Lush Rainforest Scene With The Realistic Ficus Tree, Complete With Premium Silk Leaves For A Refreshing Natural Look

  1. Hassle-free decor that’s perfect for any public or private residential area, the faux ficus’s vibrant green leaves and realistic trunk will have them all convinced it’s real
  2. A stunning addition to your home that doesn’t require clean-up, watering, landscaping, or any extra costs
  3. Multiple leaf options ensure you get the just-right natural vibe you’re looking for in an Artificial Ficus Tree
  4. Strong and stable, this Artificial Ficus Tree can stand on its own, but also comes with a base that can be secured with additional screws in case it’s used outdoors or in a crowded place

All-Natural Inspiration, Sturdy Design

By taking inspiration from the natural growth of trees, the unique curved trunk is visually striking and especially stable, given that it’s made from a fiberglass and steel structure and affixed to a metal plate for stability.

Multiple Leaf Options For Just The Look You Want
Enjoy design flexibility with the option to choose from 4 different banyan leaves, including a white silk ficus leaf, a golden ficus leaf, a green ficus leaf, and a silk green ficus leaf with a white edge. With these options, you can be sure the color and style fits into your overall decor.

Moderate Size Gives Decorating Flexibility

The Artificial Ficus Tree measures 250cm in height and 250cm in width with a middle diameter of 18cm, meeting your interior and exterior decorating needs with ease. If you need an adjustment, our team is happy to help and able to reduce the overall height and width by between 20-30cm.