Custom Design

Artificial Flower Tree

Add This Flowering Canopy Tree To Transform Your Event Space, Turning Restaurants, Halls, Offices, And More Into Natural Works Of Art.

Product Name Artificial Flower Tree
Leaf Material Silk Ficus Leaves With Silk Cherry Blossoms
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Trunk Material Fiberglass With Steel Structure
Tree Size 300cm (118.1″) High, 600cm (236.2″) Width
Trunk Diameter 30cm (11.8″)
Bottom Diameter 40cm (15.7″)
Plywood Packaging 244cm (96.0″) x 114cm (44.9″) x 100cm (39.4″)
Application Holiday, Party, Wedding, Hotel, Event, Etc.

Harness This Canopy Of Gorgeously Realistic Flowers For A Fantastic Way To Make Any Environment More Beautiful

  1. Enjoy a natural ceiling of beautifully crafted silk banyan leaves and silk cherry blossoms combining for an irresistible look
  2. Crafted and inspired by nature, the highly realistic resin trunk has a clear texture and two shades of color to simulate natural light to help set the scene
  3. Add a soothing touch of wildlife indoors or outdoors – perfect for creating a romantic scene at a restaurant or a creative, productive workspace in an office
  4. Even teachers will enjoy the positive learning environment this tree fosters, as the Artificial Flower Tree itself can be used as a learning tool

Add This Flowering Canopy Tree To Transform Your Event Space, Turning Restaurants, Halls, Offices, And More Into Natural Works Of Art

Everyone’s looking to capture a moment. Whether you’re heading into the office, going to a wedding, or just grabbing a bite at a restaurant.

With this Artificial Flower Tree, you can help create that moment for them with a comforting, creative canopy of silk flowers and leaves.

Indoor trees and ceilings of flowers capture the spark of the unexpected, ideal for date nights at restaurants and helping creative teams thinking outside of the box even when they’re working late in the office.

The Artificial Flower Tree features silk cherry blossoms and banyan leaves and can be made to your custom specifics, ensuring you get just the right tree you need for your space.

For whichever business you’re in, you can help create a moment for your team, your customers, or your clients. Add an Artificial Flower Tree to your space today.

Customize Your Flowering Tree With The Colors, Branches, and Types of Flowers You Like To Perfect This Stunning Canopy

  1. Choose between the best size for your space with custom sizes between 250cm – 400cm in height and 250cm – 800cm in width
  2. Complement your existing interior decor with the colors of your choice, including white, pink, red, and others
  3. Pick the flowers that mean something special from a range of silk cherry blossoms, silk roses, and silk hydrangeas – and you can even add in additional fake dogwood branches
  4. Use this tree inside or outside, as the Included iron plate attaches to the fiberglass trunk has 4-6 holes to attach it to the ground for stability

Only The Strongest Materials
With the exterior of the trunk made from a lifelike, high-strength resin and the trunk itself made of fiberglass and supported by an internal steel structure, our Artificial Flower Tree stands tall and strong.

Portable and Simple Setup
Despite its impressive size, the Artificial Flower Tree can be set up in just 30 minutes, even if it’s your first time installing one. Plus, its portability makes it ideal for designers and event planners who are setting up for a big day or who are looking for the perfect tree to use for multiple events.

Lasts Indoors For More Than 10 Years
Thanks to its strong base and durable silk leaves and flowers, the Artificial Flower Tree is expected to last over a decade indoors. Suggested use in outdoor settings is 5 years.