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Artificial Japanese Maple Tree

This Gorgeous Replica Maple Tree Is An Iconic Way To Honor The Beauty Of Nature And Add A Beautiful Element To Your Personal Or Professional Space.

Product Name Artificial Japanese Maple Tree
Leaf Material Silk Fabric With Iron Stem
Trunk Material Fiberglass With Steel Structure
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Tree Size 250cm (98.4″) High, 250cm (98.4″) Width
Trunk Diameter 18cm (7.1″)
Bottom Diameter 30cm (11.8″)
Plywood Packaging 193cm (76.0″) x 98cm (38.6″) x 99cm (39.0″) (4PCS/BOX)
Application Holiday, Party, Wedding, Hotel, Event, Etc.


Harness The Refined Elegance of A Japanese Maple Tree To Engage The Senses and Elevate Your Space With This Unbelievably Real Lookalike

  1. Stunning silk maple leaves combine with a gently curved, ornate trunk to capture all of nature’s details in this Artificial Japanese Maple Tree
  2. The strong and lightweight fiberglass trunk is supported by a steel structure for a sturdy, stable tree that stands tall
  3. Infuse style and substance with the classic look of the Japanese Maple Tree to turn any regular space into a truly special one
  4. For a themed wedding, restaurant, or innovative office, the Artificial Japanese Maple Tree adds a sophistication that no other tree can

This Gorgeous Replica Maple Tree Is An Iconic Way To Honor The Beauty Of Nature And Add A Beautiful Element To Your Personal Or Professional Space

The modern world can be a loud and stressful one, so it’s important to find ways to create comforting, relaxing spaces for us to work, eat, and live. Look no further for the perfect piece of decoration to add a sense of calm and comfort to your space.

This Artificial Japanese Maple Tree infuses both interior and exterior spaces with that elegance thanks to its silk leaves and incredibly lifelike trunk, creating a way to replicate the peaceful environment of a natural forest wherever you happen to be.

With its sturdy construction, portability, and long-lasting materials, this replica is the perfect way to get the natural vibe you’re seeking for your space, office, restaurant, or event, without the need for care and upkeep that regular trees require.

For a decorative element that will engage the senses and create a relaxing vibe, order the Artificial Japanese Maple Tree today.

Create The Visual Effect Of A Forest Filled With Japanese Maple Trees, Perfect For Event Planning, Special Occasions, Or Interior Decorations

  1. Secure the Artificial Japanese Maple Tree to the floor, thanks to the included holes in its floor plate, or try housing it in a decorative ceramic container
  2. Lifelike leaves and realistic trunk make this tree ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  3. Align multiple trees to enhance the effect of the Artificial Japanese Maple Tree, perfect for theme parks, traditional hotels, and restaurants, or your private home
  4. Transform your special spots into memorable ones without the need to worry about constant upkeep or landscaping

Great For Business

If you’re entering the emulation tree business, are an artificial tree wholesaler, or want to add these to your interior decoration offerings, please get in touch. We’re happy to arrange competitive factory prices and assist in delivering exactly what your customers are looking for.

Save On Costs
These Artificial Japanese Maple Trees last for years and don’t require regular care, attention, water, or fertilizing, making them a great choice for interior decorating, business settings, and more.

The Ideal Size For Your Space
Generally available at 250cm in height and 250cm in width, we are happy to adjust the height and width by about 30cm if you need to go between 220cm – 250cm to create the perfect fit.