Custom Design

Artificial Maple Tree

Lifelike Maple Tree Comes In Every Seasonal Color So You Can Replicate The Exact Landscape You Want – Without Upkeep Costs Or The Hassle Of Watering.

Product Name Artificial Maple Tree
Leaf Material Silk Fabric With Iron Stem
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Trunk Material Fiberglass
Trunk Middle Diameter 15cm (5.9″)
Tree Size 300cm (118.1″) High, 250cm (98.4″) Width
Trunk Height 125cm (49.2″)
Bottom Diameter 20cm (7.9″)
Plywood Packaging 180cm (70.9″) x 50cm (19.7″) x 60cm (23.6″) (2PCS/BOX)
Application Holiday, Party, Wedding, Hotel, Event, Etc.

Stunningly Real-Looking Maple Tree Adds Beauty, Serenity, and Professionalism To The Design Of Your Space

  1. Amazingly realistic maple leaves are made from a premium silk fabric with a clear texture
  2. Shape the tree how you see fit, as each maple branch comes with a soft thin wire so you can mold and adjust in any direction you like
  3. The accurate trunk has two different sides, one with nodules and raised roots and another with curved grooves for added realism
  4. Bright reds, yellows, and greens make a striking addition to wedding atmospheres, elegant restaurants, and exhibitions

Lifelike Maple Tree Comes In Every Seasonal Color So You Can Replicate The Exact Landscape You Want – Without Upkeep Costs Or The Hassle Of Watering

The changing of the seasons is a magical, momentous time often marked by the color of a tree’s leaves. But for those who live in areas without this kind of tree, or for those who desire a certain color for their design purposes, they have not had many options.

Introducing the Artificial Maple Tree, a beautiful replica of an iconic tree that comes in bright red, soothing yellow, or lively green, so you can create just the setting you need for your event, business, or home.

Built with a durable, weather-resistant fiberglass trunk and decorated with silk fabric leaves with iron stems, this lifelike representation looks like the real thing but doesn’t require upkeep or maintenance for an easier experience.

For a beautiful piece that can elevate the decor at restaurants, offices, exhibitions, and more, get the Artificial Maple Tree in the leaf color of your choice today.

Highly Portable and Easy-to-Assemble Artificial Maple Tree Enhances The Atmosphere Of Event Spaces, Offices, Restaurants, And More With Simple Installation

  1. The tree stretches 300 cm from its base to its top, with a canopy diameter of 250cm. For your convenience, the height is customizable from 180cm – 300cm, and the canopy from 150cm – 250cm.
  2. Customize your colors to create the scene you’ve been dreaming of with green maple leaves, yellow maple leaves, or red maple leaves.
  3. Fiberglass trunk is waterproof and sun resistant, so it holds up well even in humid indoor spaces or in a strong ultraviolet environment, like direct sunlight
  4. Each tree comes with a flat iron base plate to support it – feel free to secure that to the ground like a real tree, or place your Artificial Maple Tree in a decorative ceramic pot.

Beautify Your Decor
Not just a great way to beautify landscaping, these Artificial Maple Trees will also liven up any landscape and scene, from charming holiday decor to emotional wedding ceremonies. These faux maple trees add eye-catching decor and are often used by wedding event planners because they make great, all-natural accent pieces.

Detachable Parts For Easy Portability
The Artificial Maple Tree’s trunk and leaves are detachable, ideal for simple transportation between locations, storage, or for changing the look of your event with ease.

Installs Quickly and Easily
Designed to be quickly installed or removed with just a ladder, this Artificial Maple Tree is convenient to use or rent, transport from one event space to another, or test out different looks, without requiring a lot of people and time.