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Artificial Red Maple Tree

Giant Maple Tree Crafted With Soft Silk Leaves And Lifelike Trunk Creates A Captivating Canopy Of Leaves – Without The Maintenance Or Hassle of The Real Thing.

Product Name Artificial Red Maple Tree
Leaf Material Silk Fabric With Iron Stem
Trunk Material Fiberglass With Steel Structure
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Tree Size 350cm (137.8″) High, 350cm (137.8″) Width
Trunk Height 190cm (74.8″)
Middle Diameter 20cm (7.9″)
Bottom Diameter 25cm (9.8″)
Plywood Packaging 160cm (63.0″) x 30cm (11.8″) x 30cm (11.8″)
Application Holiday, Party, Wedding, Hotel, Event, Etc.

A Showstopping Red Maple Tree This Realistic Is Sure To Draw The Attention of Customers, Visitors, and Guests

  1. Beautiful lush canopy with the dramatic color to match the season of your choice – try fiery reds to lively greens
  2. A great prop for event planners looking to add seasonal flair to weddings, exhibitions, and galas, the Artificial Red Maple Tree is a great way to set your event or store apart from the crowd
  3. Premium silk leaves and fiberglass trunks combine for a strong, sturdy Artificial Red Maple Tree that will last without easily fading
  4. A maintenance-free decorative prop that requires no watering, no care, and won’t be attacked by insects or mold

Giant Maple Tree Crafted With Soft Silk Leaves And Lifelike Trunk Creates A Captivating Canopy Of Leaves – Without The Maintenance Or Hassle of The Real Thing

Truly special events deserve thought and care that goes beyond the ordinary. With a giant Artificial Red Maple Tree, you can add a stunning spectacle with interlocking branches, lifelike maple leaves, and a comforting canopy that will have all your guests talking.

With leaves made from a premium silk fabric that comes in either a warm red or a vibrant, emerald green, your Artificial Red Maple Tree can represent the season you’re in – or the landscape you dream about.

Plus, the fiberglass trunk and steel frame ensure stability and sturdiness that will put your mind at ease so you can focus on the fun of the event you’re hosting. Consider one tree for a standout piece, or create an inviting, warm forest with a series of trees aligned together for a moment they’ll remember long after the night is over.

Whether you’re looking to create a charming wedding atmosphere or elevate the environment at an exhibition hall, these Artificial Red Maple Trees will add beauty and simplicity. Order yours today.

This Red Maple Tree Is A Beautiful, Nature-Inspired Decorative Prop That Elevates Indoor and Outdoor Events

  1. Create eye-catching focus with lifelike silk leaves made from a premium fabric
  2. A strong metal base allows the Artificial Maple Tree to stand unsupported
  3. For theme parks, exhibitions, restaurants, and more, these faux maple trees add a seasonal flair
  4. No need to water or worry about maintenance, this Artificial Maple Tree is made to last for years

Impressive Dimensions
Designed to fill the space, this Artificial Maple Tree measures 350cm high with a canopy that’s 350cm wide. For your convenience, this height and width can be adjusted within 50cm. The metal base plate the tree stands on is approximately 35x35cm.

Your Favorite Season’s Colors
Whether you want your indoor decoration to match the season or the bride has a specific color in mind, rest easy knowing you can order your Artificial Maple Tree with premium silk leaves in either green or red.

Quality and Durability Without The Hassle
The steel structure inside the tree’s fiberglass trunk provides the strength you’d expect from a tree, yet you don’t have to worry about bugs, mold, regular watering, or landscaping fees. Plus, the silk leaves will also last for years while barely fading at all.