Custom Design

Artificial Wisteria Tree

Enjoy A Stunning Canopy Of Flowers For A Bold Way To Welcome Guests Into An Event Like An Exhibition, Graduation, Or Wedding.

Product Name Artificial Wisteria Tree
Blossom Material Silk Fabric With Iron Stem
Trunk Material Fiberglass With Steel Structure
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Tree Size 250cm (98.4″) High, 300cm (118.1″) Width

300cm (118.1″) High, 350cm (137.8″) Width

350cm (137.8″) High, 400cm (157.5″) Width

400cm (157.5″) High, 500cm (196.0″) Width

Trunk Diameter 35cm (13.8″)
Bottom Diameter 105cm (41.3″)
Packaging Plywood
Application Holiday, Party, Wedding, Hotel, Event, Etc.


Spectacular Scenes Are Guaranteed With This Immersive Artificial Wisteria Blossom Tree – Without Any Need for Maintenance Or Watering

  1. You won’t believe this Artificial Wisteria Tree isn’t the real thing, even after you see the meticulous craftsmanship up close and touch the silk blossoms – it’s that lifelike!
  2. The unique visual design is a guaranteed attention-grabber, making sure to elevate your event, storefront, or space to something unforgettable
  3. Available in a number of sizes – and customizable to your specifications – this Artificial Wisteria Blossom adds fresh color and natural beauty to all types of environments
  4. The realistically shaped fiberglass trunk is supported by an internal steel structure and sturdy metal plate to ensure this Artificial Wisteria Tree stays stable no matter the circumstances

Enjoy A Stunning Canopy Of Flowers For A Bold Way To Welcome Guests Into An Event Like An Exhibition, Graduation, Or Wedding

Special moments come from unforgettable events. From the reason for the celebration to the guests we’ve invited, there are plenty of moments to remember, but when all of that is supported by a personal, thoughtful design, the moment is elevated beyond the ordinary.

With the Artificial Wisteria Tree, you can bring in a beautiful replica of an iconic tree to liven up events, create photo-friendly arches at weddings, and even create romantic dining nooks at your restaurant.

Available in a variety of sizes and with several colors of blossoms, you can order the just-right tree for your situation. And with long-lasting silk blossoms and a fiberglass trunk, you can be sure that this Artificial Wisteria Tree will endure as long as the memories of the event.

Whether you’re creating a photo backdrop, an intimate flower canopy, or designing the lobby of a hotel, this Artificial Wisteria Tree makes a wonderful, natural addition. Order yours today.

Meticulous Craftsmanship and Nature-Inspired Details Come Together For A Breathtaking Flowering Wisteria Tree That Adds A Touch of Artistry To Any Space

  1. Each wisteria flower is crafted with delicate silk fabric and a bendable iron stem to ensure you get just the look you’re hoping for
  2. The strong, fiberglass trunk is crafted with grooves, knots, and bumps for a lifelike representation of a real wisteria tree with a trifurcating base that adds an artistic flair
  3. For a jaw-dropping event and moment, they’ll never forget, this Artificial Wisteria Tree creates a visual focal point all of your guests will be clamoring to take pictures with
  4. Perfect for dreamy weddings, creative workspaces, adding delight to restaurants, lively exhibitions, and more

Easy to Install and Remove

Ideal for events that require quick set-ups, this Artificial Wisteria Tree can be assembled in just thirty minutes. Just slide the branches into the trunk, uncurl, and in no time at all you have a jaw-dropping decoration.

Choose The Color That’s Just Right

To make your decorating decisions easier, we provide the Artificial Wisteria Tree in a variety of colors, including white, purple, and pink. You can even mix and match cherry blossoms with wisteria flowers – don’t hesitate to contact us to help make your vision come true.

Customizable Sizes For Your Space
The Artificial Wisteria Tree comes in three sizes: 250cm H by 300cm W, 300cm H by 300cm W, 350cm H by 450cm W, and 400cm H by 500cm W. We can create these trees in the combination you need, so let us know how we can best craft yours.