Guide For Hotels To Choosing The Best Artificial Trees

The hotel industry is one of the most competitive in the world.

Every detail matters. From rewards programs to the booking systems, from international conferences to in-room service, your guests will pay attention to every little thing you do.

This is especially true when it comes to your hotel’s design. When you are trying to stand out among the competition, the other hotel chains, and the other attractions in your city, having interesting, innovative, and eye-catching design elements can make all the difference.

And one of the longest-lasting trends is how to incorporate natural elements into that design. Some hotels are lucky enough to be in places of natural beauty and splendor, where all it takes to invoke that awe-inspiring feeling is having a balcony overlooking a forest.

Others, like those hotels in Las Vegas, NV, have to invent their natural looks from nothing. That can mean importing exotic trees, piping in water, and paying a landscaping crew to maintain them.

At this point, you may be thinking like many other hoteliers and wondering about the budget. It’s certainly true that with these creative design decisions comes a question of cost.

While we’ll save the discussion about the cost between artificial and real trees for another day, know that the longevity of an artificial tree for hotels is unmatched. With that, we’ve put together a short guide for hotels choosing the best artificial trees for their spaces.

Picking The Best Artificial Tree For Your Hotel Entrance

Your hotel’s entrance is often the first interaction your guests and visitors have with your hotel in-person. They may have found you online. They might have skimmed through your social media. Or maybe they got a few emails with small photos.

But the entrance is your chance to wow them and let them know what kind of experience they’re in for.

Especially in areas not known for their abundance of natural resources, an artificial tree can be a great way to welcome guests.

If you have plenty of space to play with or a longer driveway, Artificial Coconut Trees can be a real show-stopper.

Measuring up to 500cm – 16’ – high, two parallel rows of these trees lining the road that leads up to your hotel would leave a lasting impression with any guest.

Another situation which might not require as many trees to create that impressive effect is to focus on one stunning tree right at the doors to your hotel. One example we love is this Artificial Wisteria Tree which can drape over an entrance, causing a guest to feel like they’re stepping foot into another place entirely.

As this tree can also reach up to 500 cm/16’, you have a way to set the tone for your guests’ memorable stay, ensuring that it’s one they remember and share for months after their visit.

Finding The Right Artificial Tree For Your Hotel Lobby

Now you’ve got your guests into your lobby. There are a few things to consider at this point. One argument is for going simpler. If your hotel doesn’t have a bar near the lobby or much seating, you may not have much incentive to dress up the scenery.

If you don’t believe your guests will be spending much time in the lobby, or that you don’t expect many people to come to your lobby to meet up, then you might be better with some minimal decorations.

There are many variations in trees, but something like this Fake Mini Palm Tree or this Artificial Blossom Tree could serve as a nice way to tie in the space’s decor, especially if you’ve already used some similar trees outside.

If, on the other hand, you want to make your lobby a more inviting space, one that people will feel comfortable relaxing in and around, then you could consider investing in a few larger fake trees.

For an excellent combination of warmth and design, these two Maple trees are worth considering.

First, this Artificial Japanese Maple Tree features lifelike silk leaves and a realistic trunk.

This attention to detail is important, especially in an indoor environment where you’re essentially inviting guests to be around and sit next to the tree. But with one as realistic and well-appointed as this artificial Japanese Maple, they’re sure to be impressed.

It’s not the only Maple that caught our eye, though. For a brighter, wider option, this Artificial Red Maple Tree is an impressive sight.

Since the goal with the lobby decoration is to create a welcome, hospitable feeling, budgeting for your hotel’s décor can have a good return on investment.

Especially when you consider making your bar space or restaurant a must-visit, these kinds of artificial trees can begin to pay for themselves.

How To Choose A Good Artificial Tree For Your Hotel’s Restaurant

In our experience working with designers and decorators to use artificial trees in their spaces, they tend to be in two groups when it comes to restaurants.

One group uses artificial trees in restaurants to create a natural aesthetic. This fits in with the art, the painting, and the rest of the design.

One example might be an Italian restaurant going for an authentic bistro vibe. The natural choice? This Large Faux Olive Tree would look right at home in a trattoria.

But the other group of designers points to trends like social media and the need to generate publicity and wants to create jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind moments.

With that sort of impulse, people will feel like they have to post and share. In doing so, they’ll tag your hotel and restaurant’s social media, and you’ll benefit from the attention.

For that kind of attention-grabbing display, you may seriously want to consider incorporating this Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree into your restaurant.

When diners have the chance to sit under the branches of this epic fake tree, they’ll feel the romance and wonder of being transported to another place.

Given that you’d be able to fit a number of tables underneath the sprawling, silk leaves, this is an attraction that your diners could be posting about multiple times a day.

In terms of promotion and attention, this kind of fake tree décor can be a boon to your marketing budget, a one-time spend that generates attention for a long time after. Plus, it’s one area in which natural trees would be hard-pressed to compete.

How To Make Sure Your Hotel’s Artificial Tree Fits With Your Design Theme

With fake trees like the Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree, it can be tempting to go for it without thinking of the consequences.

But if the rest of your hotel features a minimalist décor with earth tones, for example, what will your guests make of a big, bright pop of pink?

We mention this because what makes fake trees the most effective is when they feel like they’re a part of your hotel. For as realistic as they are, as soft to the touch as the silk leaves feel, it’s important that they fit into your design standards.

A safe way to go is to consider your color palette before making any decisions. Then, if you’re in doubt (but you’re sure you’d like a tree), go with a more neutral option like this Artificial Flower Tree.

Understated, natural elements fit in with just about any other design elements you’re working with – without calling too much attention to itself.

If you know that your hotel has bolder colors or a louder image, then read on to see which colors you can look to utilize in your upcoming hotel design.

What Colors You Have To Work With When Choosing Your Custom Artificial Trees

If you and your hotel’s design team are already well along the process of branding and marketing for your hotel, then you may have settled on a color scheme.

In that case, you may be working more with a specific set of colors than with a certain style of tree.

While artificial tree manufacturers like Fake Tree Decor can often create a range of colors depending on client specifications, there are plenty of reasons you might want to go with the available colors. It could be the quickest way to show a client for approval. The hotel manager may only want a small range of options. Or your budget might limit you.

One example of a fake tree that has a range of available flowers is this Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree.

You can start to imagine how these colors – red, pink, and white – might look in your own hotel. The pink and red are attention-grabbing and warm, while the white is a more classical, refined look.

Another fake tree with a range of interesting colors is the Artificial Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree.

This tree is available in blue, champagne, and white. Again, this gives you the option to play with designs featuring certain shades of color, times of the year, or to have natural reflections of a more refined, elegant theme.

There are, of course, plenty of other natural options, like this Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Tree. But one of the many perks of going with an artificial tree is the ability to always have the flowers in bloom, a cost-effective way to add natural beauty to any indoor or outdoor space.

Using Artificial Trees For Your Next Hotel Design

As you get further along your design process, or if you’re looking for inspiration for an upcoming remodel, artificial trees can be a great way to add a touch of color, a splash of natural beauty, and keep costs down.

Many of the above trees can also be customized according to your specific needs. For more information, get in touch with Fake Tree Decor to start your design process today.

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