Guide To Finding The Best Fake Tree Decor Online

As more and more commercial developers incorporate fake trees into their landscape designs, it’s increasingly important to make sure that they’re sourcing good quality trees from reputable sources.

After all, the allure of an artificial tree is clear: they’re an affordable, attractive way to liven up event spaces like hotels, exposition centers, and malls. 

They offer a lifelike appearance and a way to channel environments and regions without restrictions like weather and the availability of water. And they can cut down on maintenance and upkeep costs.

But those three characteristics are only true with high quality fake trees. Given that many fake trees are being ordered online, you may not have the luxury of going in-person to see how they work, the expertise of their team, or the quality of the finished product.

So, how can you use what you find online to know who the best wholesale suppliers of fake trees are? Is it possible to tell using just their website if the quality of their trees is up to your standards? And what are the telltale signs of a great artificial tree manufacturer? 

After consulting with our team and our designers, we’ve compiled a guide with 7 steps to help you understand more about determining where to find the best fake tree decor online.

  1. Look For A Wide Selection of Artificial Trees

One of the key differentiators between reputable wholesale fake tree manufacturers and others are the number of species available.

While there is an argument for specialization when considering something like the Christmas tree, which is one of the most popular fake trees purchased in the US, that argument doesn’t necessarily apply for large-scale, wholesale manufacturing.

That’s because if you’re a commercial property developer, you’re likely looking to incorporate a number of trees – and species of trees – into one landscape. Then, you’re also likely working on multiple landscapes at once. 

A wholesale fake tree manufacturer like Fake Tree Decor is going to be able to serve all of those needs for their clients. When you’re trying to run a project on a budget, and especially if you may need that project to scale at some point, working with smaller fake tree manufacturers or ones that only specialize in one or two tree designs can slow down your process.

The other benefit from a manufacturer that has multiple designs is the institutional knowledge. There is an experience that comes in working with different styles and sizes of trees that makes applying that knowledge to future projects even easier. Should some problem come up in the landscape design process, or some unique opportunity, having a company that’s handled variables like size, width, and height of various trees is advantageous.

  1. Fake Trees Should Be Able To Be Used Indoors And Outdoors

As mentioned, the attractiveness of fake trees is their durability. You should be able to install them both indoors and outdoors with relative ease of mind. Take this Outdoor Artificial Palm Tree, for example. 

Though it’s built for the outdoors (it’s even in the product name), the details are still finely crafted and well thought out. This suggests that it is tough enough to weather long, sunny days and inclement weather while also being detailed enough to pass off as the real thing when people walk by closely.

So, what are the signs that suggest a fake tree can successfully be used both inside and outside? 

One is the attention to detail. If a tree is going to be used inside, you can almost count on the fact that people will be walking up to it. Maybe it’s used in a hotel foyer or inside a restaurant. If the details are missing or ineffective, the clientele will notice and the atmosphere will lose its charm.

Then, for a tree to stand up to the elements outdoors, it needs a strong base. When a manufacturer’s trees all come with a metal plate for fixing it to the ground, it’s clear they’ve taken their trees’ longevity and functionality into consideration.

  1. Sturdy, Well-Made Trunks Are Important For Fake Tree Decor

It almost goes without saying that tree trunks need to be strong. After all, how many of our homes and buildings are made out of the wood from those very trunks?

Still, when considering where to buy the best fake tree decor online, the trunk is a clear area to focus on when evaluating the level of quality and attention to detail.

Because it’s one thing to have just a sturdy, functional trunk. It’s another entirely for it to be well-made and crafted with care so that it resembles the real thing. Though people point to fake Christmas trees often, the truth is they cover up their lack of a convincing trunk with thick, bushy pines. Once you get in close, the tree doesn’t stand up to that same level of scrutiny.

What’s an example of a great material to use for fake tree decor? Fiberglass with steel structure, like these Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees.

Not only does this steel structure allow these trees to be built with heights of up to 10’, 15’, even 20’ or more, but it gives them a little bit of flexibility for a lifelike moving in the wind. 

Then, the fiberglass build is where the real artistry comes in. It’s what allows the artificial palm trees to look like they were imported directly from the islands. It’s what allows the pine trees to look like their bark is reddish and worn. And it’s what sets apart great fake tree manufacturers from the rest.

  1. High-Quality Fake Leaves Are Essential

Almost as important as the width and breadth of experiencing designing trees of different species is having the high-quality fake leaves to pull off those designs.

Here is another argument in favor of those manufacturers with years of experience. It makes pulling off a range of leaves, like the oily, thin leaves of the Large Faux Olive Tree, the long, green palm fronds of the Fake Mini Palm Tree, or the burnt-orange, red and yellow gradients of the Artificial Red Maple Tree.

Often when people think of trees, they think of their leaves. It could be the uniquely shaped pine needles of a pine tree, the color of the leaves to indicate the season, or the style. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that through the leaves, much of a tree’s character is revealed.

When looking for the best fake tree decor online, a large part of that is finding manufacturers that put care into crafting realistic leaves. Industry-leading craftsmen and craftswomen use silk leaves to create a long-lasting, lifelike look that stands up to close inspection.

  1. Look For Silk Flower Blossoms When Buying Artificial Trees

If trees are almost universally recognized for their leaves, then their flowers come in at a close second. Whether it’s the internationally popular Cherry Blossoms or just the buds that sprout in spring time, flowers are another excellent indicator of a great tree, and by extension, a great fake tree decor manufacturer.

With the above examples, artisans are using the same silk techniques employed to create long-lasting leaves and applying them to the delicate blossoms of the Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree and the Artificial Flower Tree.

Not only can you see subtle differences in the size and shape of the blossoms, but the range of colors. A manufacturer like Fake Tree Decor is able to use their decades of experience to create a range of colors, including champagne, pink, white, rose, and blue, as well as custom options.

Though flowers and leaves may be small in comparison to the size of the tree, they have an outsized impact on the perception of the tree’s quality. When evaluating your fake tree manufacturer, ensure that they have a proven track record of producing multiple styles and colors.

  1. Trust The Experience Of The Team Creating The Artificial Trees

The above guidelines are great for ensuring you find trees of a certain quality. But to elevator your design experience, be sure to look into the team’s experience.

This style of industrial design requires significant investments of time to master. In the case of Fake Tree Decor, the founder worked as an industrial artist designing arts and crafts for years before being drawn to creating more natural works, where he then fused the industrial training to create results on a new scale.

That investment of time leads to mastery, which allows new growth. As can be seen here, a design process that starts from the ecological principles of the tree leads toward end products that are accurate and impressive.

From there, they can move onto a wider range of styles of trees for a broader range of customers. When those 30 years of experience lead to designs being used in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, as well as Southeast Asia, you know that you can trust the end result.

  1. Good Fake Tree Manufacturers Can Create Custom Orders

While some sites show all of their products, the best ones go beyond and offer customization. That’s the level of expertise that comes from years of practice. These kinds of artisans aren’t content to just continue manufacturing the same tree, in the same size, in the same quantity. 

Because while some may offer slight customization, as in the number of leaves or slight changes in color, there are other manufacturers of artificial trees that are operating on another level of quality.

That level is only reached when the team has had a significant amount of experience, as mentioned, and also the desire to continue achieving.

They want to work with you to create bespoke solutions to your commercial landscape needs. That means working from ideas, from sketches, from the kinds of trees you’re interested in and developing a full-scale solution.

These solutions range from transforming previously boring or uninspired spaces into verdant, natural settings. Given the examples above, designers take inspiration from natural elements and shift them into architectural elements.

Or, like the golf course pictured, it’s possible to recreate a setting that was previously reserved just for outside use – indoors. That’s complete with trees and grass that play just like the real thing.

Though certain manufacturers exist to sell the same bulk options, others, like Fake Tree Decor, can customize their wholesale orders to provide the highest quality at the fairest price.

Where To Find The Best Artificial Trees Online

When considering the above seven qualities, including a wide selection of available artificial trees, indoor and outdoor usability, sturdy trunks, high-quality leaves, silk flower blossoms, years of experience, and the potential for customization, Fake Tree Decor is certainly one of the industry leaders for the best fake tree decor online.

If you’d like to discuss your next artificial tree project, contact the team at Fake Tree Decor today for assistance.

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