Guide To Popular Wholesale Artificial Tree Species

Plenty of companies like landscapers, real estate developers and commercial properties have been embracing the use of artificial trees.

Because of their low maintenance and long durability alone, they represent a cost savings compared to real trees.

The advantages of artificial trees goes well beyond cost, though. The quality and detail that is being reached with fake trees allows for creative landscaping decisions that were not previously possible. 

In terms of tree size, project scope, and even environmental feasibility, large firms are excited about the possibilities for wholesale artificial trees.

Because their realism is drawing so much attention – and provides designers with so much potential – today we are going to take a look at what kinds of artificial tree species are available.

For landscape designers, commercial property developers, and event centers, the following list will show how you can replicate real life trees with artificial ones. 

Choosing Between Custom Artificial Trees vs Realistic Artificial Trees

Whether you’re trying to create the look of a certain region, capture the feel of a specific season, or need trees of a very specific size, the below list will show you what’s currently available and how these artificial trees compare to the real ones.

With a fake tree manufacturer like Fake Tree Decor, you can see that there are certain standard sizes available for purchase. What’s helpful to note is that these existing sizes act more as recommendations. If it turns out that your project has other needs, you can contact their team about getting custom specifications and a custom quote.

If you’re designing the landscaping for a project that should have a natural quality to it, the pre-selected sizes that are offered will help you maintain that quality.

If you’re pushing for a project that’s more creative in nature – like, say, you want a smaller version of a tree that’s normally quite big – consider the custom options to get what you’re looking for.

How This Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Compares To The Real Version

As you can see with this Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree, there are plenty of intricate details that help portray a realistic trunk, branches, and petals. The silk cherry blossoms are available in pink, red, and white (among others), the trunk is made of a fiberglass steel structure, and it comes with a metal plate to fix it to the ground.

Now, to compare the standard size of this fake tree to the real thing. Available for order at 250cm (98.4″) high and 250cm (98.4″) wide, this is a bit smaller than how big a Cherry Blossom Tree can be expected to grow.

Found in the wild at sizes anywhere from 457 cm (15’) to 914 cm (30’), Cherry Blossom Trees are an impressive, eye-catching tree, especially during their flowering seasons.

Still, what makes the artificial version so convenient is that you can have the beauty of that single flowering season all year long. Plus, trees like this Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree can be customized to the size, shape, and color of your choice.

How This Artificial Coconut Tree’s Size Compares To The Real Thing 

Available right away as either an indoor or outdoor version, this Artificial Coconut Tree is flexible in its sizing. As it happens to be such an iconic tree that many people will have encountered in their travels, you’ll want to pay special attention to the size you end up with.

The ready-to-order fake version of this Artificial Coconut Tree stands at 500cm (197″), or just over 16’. Impressively, coconut trees in the wild can grow up to 25m tall, or 80’.

Still, there are over 150 species of coconut trees around the world and the heights can vary, especially when comparing dwarf coconut trees to the regular palm tree.

For best practices, keep your Artificial Coconut Trees grouped together and in the foreground of your designscapes. By having them surrounding pools or leading into hotel entrances, they’ll feel even grander by comparison to the people walking around. 

How This Artificial Ficus Tree’s Size Compares To The Real Thing

One of the more popular indoor houseplants, this Artificial Ficus Tree version is a realistic substitute that’s sure to catch attention.

But how does it measure up?

That depends a lot on the environment. To start, the Artificial Ficus Tree comes at around 250cm (98.4″) high and 250cm (98.4″) wide, or about 8’ in both directions. This is comparable to the 10’ that a Ficus tree can be expected to grow indoors, and quite a bit smaller than the 60’ that a few wild species of Ficus can obtain outdoors.

Though this Artificial Ficus Tree can of course be customized to the height you like, you can keep those measures in mind to have an idea how people will react, especially now that you can see just how different the indoor and outdoor versions can be.

How This Artificial Japanese Maple Tree’s Size Compares To The Real Thing

People around the world would love the opportunity to travel and visit a Japanese Maple tree in person. Whether or not they’ll ever have that chance is another question.

Fortunately, this Artificial Japanese Maple Tree can help bring them that much closer to their dream vacation by creating breathtaking scenery.

And though people may not have first-hand experience with seeing this tree, it’s still nice to know how the fake version measures up to the real one. The standard example for this tree (though again, it is customizable) is 250cm (98.4″) high by 250cm (98.4″) wide.

And the Japanese Maple Tree you can expect to find in nature?

They range from 10’ to 25’, so in that sense, the Artificial Japanese Maple Tree is right in line with what tourists experience seeing Japanese Maples in real life.

How This Artificial Wisteria’s Size Compares To The Real Thing

There’s something romantic about the size and stretch of the Wisteria. It’s not just the way the branches extend but the way the flowers hang gently down that capture the imagination.

That’s exactly the kind of feeling that this Artificial Wisteria Tree also works to capture. Because the tree’s scale is such an important characteristic, it comes in a few standard sizes, ranging from 250 cm high and 300 cm (9.8’) wide, to 300 cm high and 600 cm (20’)  wide, to 450 cm high and 500 cm (16’) wide.

In the wild, Wisteria trees can grow to be between 10 and 15’ tall, as well as 10 and 15’ wide.

Though you may end up customizing your wholesale order of these Artificial Wisteria Trees, even the readily available sizes compare favorably to the sizes you’ll see in nature.

How This Large Faux Olive Tree’s Size Compares To The Real Thing

If you haven’t had a chance to travel through the Mediterranean, especially in Greece or Italy, you might not have had the experience of seeing an olive tree in person.

Despite that, you’ve seen photos, you’ve seen movies, and still, it’s easy to see just how realistic this Large Faux Olive Tree is – down to the olives!

But how does it compare in size to the trees you might find in orchards? The standard size available of this fake olive tree is 300cm (118.1″) high by 300cm (118.1″) wide, or just about 10’ by 10’.

In the real world, olive trees can grow to be about 25’ tall and 16’ wide. That growth depends, however, on just how spaced out they are. In that sense, olive trees grown together, especially for fruit production, might not reach those full heights, which makes this Large Faux Olive Tree even more realistic by comparison.

How This Large Outdoor Pine Tree’s Size Compares To The Real Thing

When you’ve gone through a walk through a pine grove, you know just how special these trees can be. From the evergreen pine needles to the etched-on bark, they’re some of the most iconic trees in the world.

That’s why it’s clear these Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees are a faithful representation. With silk pine leaves and a fiberglass steel structure supporting the trunk, they look lifelike. But how do they compare, height-wise? The larger standard size that is available for these artificial pine trees is 450cm (177.2″) high by 450cm (177.2″) wide, or about 15’ by 15’.

Regular pine trees can grow between 30’ and 100’. Still, that often requires time, dedicated space, and plenty of natural care. For a reasonable approximation, these Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees can help recreate that effect.

How This Large Outdoor Artificial Palm Tree’s Size Compares To The Real Thing

No tree says warm weather and island vibes quite like a palm tree. For landscapers working in temperate to dry regions, they’re likely used to including them. For landscapers that are trying to capture that energy in future projects, finding artificial palm trees can help to make a project come to life.

These Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees are a good example of how realistic a fake tree can look. With silk fabric composing the palm fronds and a detailed trunk, they bear a striking resemblance to the real deal. But how about their height?

The two standard sizes available for these trees are 800 cm (26.2’) and 1350 cm (144.3’). In nature, palm trees range from 3’ to 100’, so right away you’re able to install palm trees that are representative of just what you can find in nature – even if you’re not in an area where those trees would naturally grow.

Generic Wholesale Artificial Tree Species

It’s easy to get caught up comparing artificial trees to realistic ones, especially when the fake trees have such interesting details.

But there are other more generic options like this Artificial Flower Tree which have great, all-season details like flowers in pink or white, that won’t invite automatic comparisons to other trees.

This depends on the design you’re going for, of course. If the theme is something more realistic, then finding the trees that reflect it is important. The specific heights you go for can be dictated by the space you have available. If the theme is more sentimental or emotional, just having artificial trees and flowers can get the point across well, too.

Where To Customize Your Whole Artificial Trees

Given all of the examples listed above, what you’ll begin to notice about wholesale artificial trees is that they are a creative, flexible design tool. Though there are pictures of how the trees look, the colors the flowers come in, or the sizes they can be built to, all of these details are customizable. After all, these artificial trees are being constructed by expert craftsmen and craftswomen.
To get a quote for your next wholesale artificial tree project, reach out to the team at Fake Tree Decor today.

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