Guide To Using Wholesale Artificial Trees To Create Seasonal Displays

One of the most iconic parts of any season is how the trees look. Besides the changing weather, it’s one of the most recognizable signs of where we are in a given year.

Springtime is the season of rebirth. We’re warming up, flowers are blooming, trees are budding, and there’s new growth everywhere.

Summertime is all the pleasures of being outside. New, different flowers have bloomed, the new buds have turned green, and trees everywhere are full and vibrant.

Then the seasons change once more, and we have autumn.  As the weather changes, so do the leaves on certain species of trees – from green, to red and yellow, to brown. We’re bundling up, and nature is getting ready for what’s to come.

Then comes winter, and with it, the coldest months of the year, with the least light. The weather drops even further, and with it go the leaves. But there’s still something magical about this season, the one with warmth, cheer, and winter festivals. Plus, it’s preparing us for the spring to come.

Why mention these? Because trees have an unsurpassed power to set the mood of a scene. 

The difficult part, however, is finding the right trees to pull off the right mood at just the right time. Depending on where your commercial properties are located, you might have trees that are impressive in the spring, but a little disappointing in the fall and winter.

With artificial trees, you have an affordable, creative way to take on this problem. If you don’t want your budget or geographical location limiting your creative landscape design, then read on for how artificial trees can provide a great solution.

Why Convention Centers, Hotels, and Malls Should Create Seasonal Displays With Artificial Trees

Each of the seasons we mentioned is tied with an emotion. Tying your commercial property, like a hotel, a mall, or a convention center, into those emotions can be an effective way to market your services.

Just think about what is symbolized by an event like a spring wedding. Spring is the season of rebirth, of possibilities, of love. Likewise, it could be a great way for commercial properties to offer promising new products, sales to promote the possibilities of the summer and fall, or the flowering of new opportunities.

Now, summer can often feel like a vacation. It’s a time of carefree efforts, looser pockets, and living in the moment. Could a hotel evoke that feeling with palm trees and coconut trees? Could a mall capture that live-in-the-now moment with its own displays?

The changing colors of the fall/autumn season present a few emotions. It’s a time of reflection, as the year starts to close. It’s also often the beginning of a new school season, so there’s a kind of spark, too. Conventions and expositions with autumnal displays could tie into themes of betterment, possibility, and change. 

While winter may strike some as a period that’s as cold emotionally as it is outside, but that often brings out a warmth between us. It’s a festive period, with holidays, time off, vacations, and rituals. Could hotels and restaurants, even those in non-traditional winter locations, engage with these seasons and create their own festive, holiday displays?

Let’s see how we can use wholesale artificial trees to create a seasonal display.

How To Create A Summer Season Display With Artificial Trees

There are two types of summer season displays worth considering when it comes to artificial trees. The first is what could be considered trees in summer. This is the point where trees are budding, growing, and completely green. The other, which will touch on in a moment, are the trees more closely tied with summer vacations.

With artificial trees, you can achieve this summertime look both inside and outside your establishment, with a few of the wide selection of available fake tree options. The first we’ll recommend is this Artificial Ficus Tree:

This tree can be used in large numbers to create stunning scenes and visual appeal with its natural beauty. Due to its solid green grouping of leaves, it adds a healthy, summer-y backdrop for convention centers, expositions, hotels, and more.

Another tree that can help fill out a summer season display is the Large Faux Olive Tree.

Not only does this tree bring rich green colors, it evokes the warm temperatures and breezes of the Mediterranean. So even if you’re creating a display in a cooler climate or during cooler months, you can be sure that your visitors will enjoy the evocative sense of this Olive Tree.

Another tree that’s very reminiscent of the summer months is the Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Tree.

Destined to evoke memories of summer camping trips and hiking through beautiful forests, this tree fully embodies the all green, all the time theme of a summer display. This combination of trees is sure to create a relaxed, refreshed summer vibe.

The other type of summer display worth mentioning is one that evokes a more stereotypical summer vacation. Though these trees themselves are not necessarily different during the summer, thanks to popular media, they are often closely associated with summertime activities. 

For malls that are trying to spice up sales of outdoors activities, swimsuits, or summer fashion, they might consider landscaping with this Artificial Coconut Tree or these Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees. But because this is less about the natural changing of the seasons, we’ll move on to the next season.

Using Artificial Trees To Create A Beautiful Autumn Scene

Did you know October is the most popular month for weddings? It’s a time of change, for one, and of promise and potential. It’s also far enough removed from the summer months that people can start to think about traveling again.

With the use of artificial trees, though, you can create a landscape design for a wonderful fall scenescape that will bring that beauty of changing leaves straight to them.

After all, despite there being areas all around the world to see leaves change color (like this list from House Beautiful which includes Colorado, Japan, England, Scotland, South Africa, Germany, and South Korea, among others), it might not be where you are… and it might not be when you want it to happen.

So, what if you could offer that beautiful autumnal wedding all year round?

With a combination of these stunning maple trees, you can. 

Like this Artificial Japanese Maple Tree which features silk fabric leaves.

Or this dramatic Artificial Red Maple Tree, with its vibrant array of reds and oranges that’s designed to be long-lasting.

And even this more subdued Artificial Maple Tree, perfect for capturing that fleeting end-of-autumn moments just before the leaves fall to the ground.

When trees’ leaves change color, it’s not normally an event that lasts the whole season. Unlike the verdant greenery we see during the summer, these autumn months present mere flashes and bursts.

If you’re a commercial property developer looking to capture that fleeting moment and extend it for months, or even for the whole year, using wholesale artificial trees could be just the trick you need.

Using Wholesale Fake Trees To Create A Winter Scene For Your Commercial Property

The hidden joys of the winter months are something landscape developers should consider for their properties.

Just think of how many festivities are tied to winter months. From hanukkah and Christmas markets to New Year’s celebrations the whole world over, being able to faithfully recreate winter wonderlands is key to attracting customers – even if you don’t live in an area that attracts a lot of snowfall.

The trick is to go with all green trees that you could cover with a light artificial dusting of snow, then complement those with trees that have all-white blooms. This refreshed, innocent look will give hints of snow and hints of life for the perfect way to encapsulate the festive delights of the winter season.

In addition to the pine tree mentioned above, there are a few other artificial flowering trees you can add into the mix. One that is particularly suited for a winter display is this Artificial Flower Tree.

With its long branches and dottings of white flowers, it’s almost as if it underwent a recent snowfall.

For a more stark white option, you can consider this Artificial Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree.

Though it might be nice to add some fake snow to the base to complete the effect, you won’t need to add anything to the leaves or petals.

Finally, consider the Artificial Wisteria Tree if you’re looking for a dramatic, faux icicle effect. 

After all, part of the winter months does involve how the snowfall can freeze, so this natural-looking fake tree adds that effect effortlessly. 

How Using Artificial Trees Can Make This Spring Display Look Just Like The Real Thing

Spring can be the most powerful season for a number of reasons. Though the transition might be as stark from summer to winter as it is from winter to summer, coming from the colder, shorter days in winter to more sun, more time outside, and more life is a thrill.

As such, you’d be well-positioned to capture these positive sentiments with some of the following displays of trees.

It can’t be said enough times the effect that this Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree will have.

With a range of blooming, pink silk blossoms, this is a tree that screams spring. Whether you use it as part of your restaurant or as a way to welcome wedding guests to your venue, having a tree of this scale and beauty will help to solidify your spring theme.

On a smaller scale, you can pepper in elements of spring blooms throughout your venue with these Artificial Blossom Trees.

Given their size and how the colors of the blossoms can be customized, this can be an ideal way to give a nod to the spring seasons while also bringing in the branding or colors of your event.

Where To Get The Just-Right Artificial Trees For Your Next Seasonal Exhibition

Beyond the availability of these trees, there are plenty of other styles and species of artificial trees that landscape developers and commercial property owners consider for their properties.
If you’re considering creating an event or designing a property that you think would benefit from a seasonal theme, reach out to the team at Fake Tree Decor. With 30 years of experience designing artificial trees, they’ll make sure that you get the look, color, and theme that you need for your property.

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