Guide To Where Artificial Trees Can Be Installed Indoors For Commercial Properties

Developing a new commercial property is an exciting time. There are the design plans, meetings with potential clients, and projections for the future.

Then, as the property comes to life, as foundations get laid and buildings get erected, the moment arrives to take the landscape more seriously.

What may previously have just been green marks on papers turn into lawn and bushes and trees. And if you’re not careful, those casually issued green marks can also start to turn into red numbers on the budget as installation and maintenance costs rise with ambitious plans.

That’s one of the reasons more projects are actually switching over to artificial trees. Today, we’ll dive into more of those reasons, along with a few ways these trees can actually be implemented indoors to completely overhaul how you think about your interior decorating options.

Why More Landscape Designers Are Switching To Artificial Trees

With the availability of real trees at nurseries across the country and all around the world, you might wonder why landscape designers would need to switch to artificial trees in the first place.

There are a few main reasons why this switch has been so significant lately.

  1. Artificial Trees Provide A Manageable Budget – The cost you pay for an artificial tree is what you’ll pay for the time you use it. There aren’t hidden costs in having landscaping crews come tend to them. There aren’t seasonal worries about trimming back branches to avoid the buildup of snow. There aren’t replacement costs for trees that fall ill to some mysterious illness. Having a more manageable budget is one of the most compelling reasons to embrace artificial trees.
  2. Artificial Trees Provide Creative Design Flexibility – When you’re not limited by what type of trees your local environment can support, you’re freer to create the kind of commercial project you think would be a success. If you’re building in the desert, you don’t need to worry about finding a water supply for a particularly thirsty tree species. If you’re building in a colder climate, you don’t need to worry about freezing temperatures damaging your exotic tropical palms. These kinds of fake trees open up more design possibilities that weren’t previously possible.
  1. Artificial Trees Provide Scalability – When you’re having success on one project, the natural inclination is to think about the next project. For property developers, it’s often the case that the next project is likely several at once, or a project that entails many similarly sized or designed properties. With natural trees, you’re limited to what’s available in nurseries. Are the trees mature? Will you have to wait years for them to grow to the right height? Are they available in your region? With artificial trees, working with a custom wholesale artificial tree manufacturer like Fake Tree Decor ensures that no matter the size of your project, you’ll have the trees you need to fulfill it.

What Kinds Of Commercial Properties Can Benefit From Artificial Trees Indoors

There is no shortage of the types of commercial properties that can benefit from artificial trees. In this article, we are focused on the kinds of trees that can be used indoors, so we’ll highlight the properties that should be considered for this kind of landscaping.

  1. Hotels
  2. Restaurants
  3. Exposition Halls
  4. Apartment Complexes
  5. Shopping Centers and Malls

Why Installing Artificial Trees Indoors Adds To Commercial Property Value

Not all landscape designers think about how to transform indoor spaces with natural elements. There are obstacles, of course, like how to get trees the necessary sunlight and water that they need to flourish. Similarly, if the property is already built, it’s unlikely that a real tree will be able to have its roots reach down into soil.

However, for those developers that think outside the box, there are a number of ways artificial trees can add value to commercial properties.

  1. Restorative Indoor Design – Normally we associate the outdoors with nature, like a calming walk through the woods. With large-enough trees, nature can be brought indoors, transforming spaces with previously harsh lighting or uninspired walls.
  2. A Memorable Moment – What’s been true for years about how we choose places to travel to is that word-of-mouth marketing is the most important. But it’s not just where we travel around the world – this kind of marketing can make an impact on a local level, too. By creating surprising, surreal, and interesting experiences for clients and customers in your properties, you’ll be adding value through marketing. Each shared photo is another vote of confidence for your property.
  3. Separate Yourself From The Competition – Commercial properties are by their very nature competitive. If someone isn’t visiting and buying from your mall, they’re heading to another mall to buy. If they’re not dining at your restaurant or staying in your hotel, they still need somewhere to eat and sleep so you can be sure they’re going elsewhere. By making each visit to your property unique, you can engender a loyal customer base that you can count on to support your businesses over the coming months and years.

How To Install Artificial Trees Indoors

Though artificial trees might not come to mind as a natural indoor item, they’re surprisingly easy to install. Using this Artificial Ficus Tree as an example, you can see that the fiberglass with steel structure trunk is attached directly to a sturdy metal plate.

That metal plate is the key for affixing the artificial tree to whichever material your ground is made of. While it is strong, stable and balanced on its own, this base can be secured with additional screws in case it’s used in a crowded place. 

This means installation can happen in a matter of minutes for each tree. Even larger projects with multiple trees shouldn’t take much longer. In comparison to the labor needed to plant and secure live trees in the ground, with digging, lifting the whole tree (which can be labor-intensive, especially for adult ones), and packing the dirt back in, the process for artificial trees is far simpler.

Where To Install Artificial Trees Indoors

At the risk of limiting your imagination, we’d like to share five locations that have proven time and time again to be ideal spots to install artificial trees indoors. 

  1. Hotel Lobbies
  2. Restaurant Dining Rooms
  3. The perimeter of an Exposition Hall
  4. Apartment Complex Lounging/Resting Areas
  5. Shopping Centers and Malls

With each, we’ll suggest a potential tree to be used and what kind of returns a property owner might expect by investing in this kind of design.

Installing Artificial Trees In Hotel Lobbies

As guests arrive at your hotel, the first experience they have with you won’t always be with the Front Desk staff. It won’t always be with a doorman greeting them. But one thing you can be sure they’ll see is the design and décor of your lobby. Depending on how your team is approaching that design, an impressive Artificial Red Maple Tree could be the kind of eye-catching attraction that ensures you’re setting the right tone, every time.

This works because you can take the specifications of the lobby or foyer and create a custom tree that fills up that space in just the right way. By filling up the room, visitors and guests will feel immersed in the hotel, welcomed, and right at home.

Installing Artificial Trees In Restaurants

Whenever possible, the design and décor of a restaurant should help the diners feel like they’re taking part in something special. Sports bars can have signed jerseys from iconic players. Fine dining restaurants focus on quality materials. And so on. One example of how a Mediterranean restaurant or Italian restaurant could take advantage of an artificial tree would be to go for this Large Faux Olive Tree.

Helping those diners feel like they’re on the coast of Italy as they sit down to enjoy pasta, pizza, and seafood creates a compelling moment they’ll be likely to share. Even if they can’t pin down just what it was that they liked so much about the restaurant, they’ll leave having enjoyed the ambiance. Installing this artificial tree near the entrance or in the dining room is certainly a good way to take advantage of this trend.

Installing Artificial Trees Inside Exposition Halls

Exposition halls represent a lot of unrealized potential. With conferences, conventions, and more coming in each week, the design components can be overlooked in favor of just making sure the event goes off as planned. Though some clients may end up investing more in flowers, this is a fleeting proposition that doesn’t help you as the owner of the property.

Instead, consider the possibility of adding Artificial Blossom Trees to the venue. Given that they can be customized in size and color and ordered wholesale, this is a way to add value to each of your clients, reduce overall budgets, and to finally realize the potential that exposition halls have to house memorable moments.

Installing Artificial Trees Inside Apartment Complexes

For apartment complexes that are looking for compelling ways to build out their lobbies, common areas, or gardens, this Artificial Flower Tree has the impressive length and width to impress tenants of all kinds.

Especially for apartment complexes in urban areas, the refuge of nature can’t be overstated. Tenants might be coming home from long days at work and tiring commutes. They might not be living near parks. Or, the poor weather conditions might make going out unattractive. Installing this kind of attractive, genuinely inviting artificial tree gives tenants the opportunity to unwind in the comfort of their building. There’s no need to worry about the weather, about dealing with the city, or trekking to a park when you can build this experience for them right in their home.

Installing Artificial Trees Inside Shopping Centers And Malls

Even when your mall isn’t necessarily top-of-the-line, there is still a need to make each visit feel a bit like a luxury experience. This Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree accomplishes that by evoking the fleeting blooming of cherry blossoms, an experience that tourists often spend thousands of dollars to travel to.

This kind of tree emulates that travel-worthy experience on a scale that everyone can afford: an afternoon trip to their local shopping center or mall. And though the silk cherry blossoms are incredibly lifelike, they’re not going to fall out after a few months. This allows you as the property manager to create a year-round attraction that customers will flock to.

Other Examples Of Where To Install Artificial Trees Indoors

As we’ve said, we don’t want to limit you with how to use these kinds of artificial trees. Knowing that they can be customized should allow you to think about interesting ways to execute. 

Maybe you could install a large tree in the center of a restaurant to create a wonderful, romantic evening. 

Maybe you could create a hidden, enclosed spot between a few trees in the mall, a great place for kids to play with each other as parents take a breather from shopping. 

Or maybe you could install artificial trees in the halls of your hotel, breaking up the drudgery of walls and elevator waiting areas with something more lifelike.

Where To Get Custom Wholesale Artificial Trees

Ready to start designing your own artificial tree projects? These dynamic, lifelike trees can make all the difference, even when installed indoors in commercial properties.
Getting in touch with the detail-oriented and experienced team at Fake Tree Decor can ensure your project gets started right and fulfilled quickly.