How Custom Artificial Trees Are Made For Commercial Properties

When you’re considering how to add natural elements to your properties, you’ll find you have two choices.

One is to do all-natural landscaping. This might be considered the more traditional, tried-and-true way of developing a property. Your landscape developer will suggest grasses, plants, and trees that can live and thrive in your climate. Depending on where exactly you’re building and developing, this might involve flowering plants and shrubs that can be a nice visual treat throughout the year.

The other method is to go with artificial trees for your property. They’re increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, including the ability to stick within a budget while reducing long-term costs, the possibility of achieving the looks of specific, non-native environments (like creating a tropical scene in a typically winter locale), and their durability. Not having to worry about watering, windstorms, or disease can be a big factor when deciding whether or not to invest in custom artificial trees.

There is one hesitation that people have when it comes to artificial trees, and it’s related to their unfamiliarity with the process of production. Most developers don’t truly know how custom artificial trees are made for commercial properties. 

It’s one thing to trust the testimonials of past clients and the expertise of an artificial tree manufacturer like Fake Tree Decor. But when that same manufacturer is also open to showing the creative, collaborative process of designing artificial trees, it becomes that much easier to understand just why these trees are as long-lasting as they are.

To encourage that transparency and share this process with you, today we are taking a step-by-step look at the process of making custom artificial trees.

The First Step In Designing Artificial Trees

With a firm like Fake Tree Decor that specializes in the production of trees and plants for creating garden landscaping, the first step is to consult with prospective clients.

This involves a number of potential steps, including:

  • Discussing the vision for the property, including whether the design is mainly indoors, outdoors, or a hybrid of both
  • Sharing visual inspiration and references of similar looks
  • Establishing the size of the area that is to be landscaped
  • Evaluating how much customization is needed between the available products and ones to be made from scratch
  • Proposing a range of fake trees, plants, and grasses to create a well-balanced scenery
  • The timeline for the project’s completion

After initial meetings and proposals, the design team gets to work on making the aforementioned proposals a reality.

Why Integrating Arts And Aesthetics In Artificial Trees Is Important

As pictured, the Fake Tree Decor design team evaluates possibilities with the proposed artificial tree designs, creating customized renderings to fulfill client specifications.

This process, however, is more than just meeting technical requirements. While it’s true that artificial trees are intended to replicate the real-life versions, there’s more to it than that. Trees are one of nature’s most beautiful expressions with their distinctive trunks and branches, seasonal flowers, and instantly identifiable leaves.

It’s that respect for nature that drives our team of designers and draftsmen and draftswomen. A background in industrial design is necessary to ensure the final feasibility of the design, yet a love, an appreciation, and experience in art and aesthetics ensures that each design is imbued with a life of its own.

After all, there are many instances where artificial trees aren’t one-to-one recreations of their real-life tree counterparts. They may be bigger, smaller, or differently colored. Still, despite these variables, these fake trees remain testaments to nature – and to the artistic vision of those who are creating them.

How An Artificial Tree Manufacturer Takes Projects From Concepts To Design And Installation 

There is far more craft and art in the design of an artificial tree than most people think. Though it’s true they are man-made, the tools and techniques required to craft them are more akin to an artist using a paintbrush and palette to create. 

As seen above, the creative process involves heavy machinery as many of these artificial trees feature steel components, including their base plate (which helps to affix them to the ground), their trunk (though that’s harder to see as it’s wrapped in a designed, aesthetically pleasing fiberglass), and their branches.

The steel provides a durability that’s seen whether the tree is placed inside or outside. But in order for that steel to be more than just a sturdy piece of metal, molds are used and designers are consulted to create lifelike branches that are more than the sum of its parts.

Why A Good Artificial Tree Designer Also Help With The Manufacturing Process

It is well-known in the business world that vertical integration can lead to efficiencies throughout the production process. Artificial tree manufacturing is no different. So when you have an esteemed fake tree manufacturing company with hundreds of clients and thirty years of experience you’ll have a simpler time going from the design process on forward.

One of the main reasons for that? The designs that you’ll work on are much more likely to be feasible when they’re coming from a team that’s experienced. As most developers know, projects can take on a life of their own. People can get excited about an idea – maybe someone suggests a tree that’s four, five, or six stories tall – and a new designer, eager to please, says they can deliver on that.

While we’re not suggesting that scale is impossible by any means, it takes planning and process to pull off, and there are important steps to take in the design stages to make the production more realistic and the installation possible. A good artificial tree designer streamlines this process for better results at a better price. 

How Designing Custom Artificial Trees Makes It Easier To Deliver Wholesale Projects

Though there are a wide selection of trees available on Fake Tree Decor, they each come with the note that they’re customizable.

Ordinarily, you might expect a custom project to take longer to deliver and be more difficult to deliver at scale.

With artificial trees, customizing each client’s project ensures that they get just the right look for their space. This means that even if a project’s creative stages may seem like they’re taking longer, the backend of installing the trees is actually much faster since they all fit well and few adjustments are needed. 

Similarly, experienced manufacturers can apply customizations at scale. So even though a specific tree design or size may not have been produced before, it’s possible still to create production lines that facilitate its reproduction to meet with the size of the project, whether that project is just one tree or one hundred.

The Importance Of Hand-Crafted Fake Trees To Meet Client Specifications

Unlike real trees which can be trimmed and shaped and molded as they grow, artificial trees come at the size they’re going to be.

While that may go without saying, we think it’s worth mentioning because it’s still possible to get all of those loving, intimate details that come with pruning and shaping real trees in artificial trees as well.

As you can see above with the crafting and shaping of the branch, there is essentially no detail of an artificial tree that doesn’t receive some amount of individual artistic treatment. Even a tree with hundreds of branches that stands 10 or 15 meters tall is made up of each of these individual details. 

The importance of this hand-crafted care can’t be overstated. While a fake tree may not be technically alive, the individual adjustments and placements of branches can contribute to a liveliness that will captivate your guests, making this the kind of landscaping investment that pays off again and again throughout the years.

The Types Of Custom Artificial Trees A Wholesale Manufacturer Can Make

Moving on from the design of a single tree, it’s worth discussing just how many types of artificial trees a wholesale manufacturer can put together.

This includes, of course, artificial trees, but also artificial plants, artificial flowers, foliage, green walls, rockery, and sculptures.

In the same vein as the discussion about vertical integration, an artificial tree manufacturer with decades of experience can pull off immersive, complete landscapes in a way a new tree manufacturer – or one specializing in just trees or just flowers – simply cannot. 

As a landscape designer or commercial property owner, you’re also able to guarantee more cohesiveness in the final product when it’s all coming from the same manufacturer. The silk leaves on the plants and trees will have the same texture, the fiberglass trunks will have gone through the same treatment processes, and the overall look will have been filtered through the same designer.

Instead of a piecemeal, thrown-together look, you’ll have a captivating scene thanks to the accomplished team of artificial tree designers.

The Range Of Sizes Of Custom Fake Trees Available

Part of the appeal of the custom fake tree is for commercial property owners to dream big. One dream might include the complete recreation of a natural habitat in an area not known for those trees.

In other words, Las Vegas! 

It’s also a way to capture the mood of a fleeting season, like the Japanese Cherry Blossoms in spring, throughout the whole year.

Another is to create dramatic interpretations of nature. Fake Tree Decor has experience designing and producing large artificial trees of up to 35 meters in height. So with trees ranging from table plants of less than a meter to ones 35 times bigger, the production is limited more by your design team’s imagination and budget than by physical restrictions.

The Scale Of Custom Artificial Tree Projects That Is Possible

Though there is much to be said about the grandeur of a fully designed landscape, a mall with a unified theme throughout its various floors, or a hotel that incorporates fake trees throughout its grounds, the joy of designing artificial trees is that the scale is completely within your control.

Whether you’re looking for one single tree to place inside your restaurant to create a captivating moment or a complete design build that you can take on spec to a property developer, custom artificial trees are just that: custom. 

The Finishing Touches Of Your Custom Artificial Tree Project

Much has been said about the size and scale of these artificial tree designs. While it’s true that may be one of the first factors to be considered, the flowers and petals that make a tree come to life will leave that lasting impression for your guests, visitors, and clients. 

In the same way that experience allows a fake tree manufacturer to craft projects from a single tree to an entire property, it also allows them to go from the detail of a single silk flower blossom to the trunk of a 35 meter tree.

It’s those details that you’ll notice long after the tree is installed, and those finishing touches are what make artificial trees stand out.

Getting Started On Your Next Custom Artificial Tree Project

Our goal at Fake Tree Decor is to create beautiful, practical designs that offer guests and designers alike a stunning, natural experience. We hope that by being transparent about our design and production process you begin to understand just how passionate we are about our work and making sure our clients are satisfied with their artificial tree experience.
When you’re ready to discuss your next project, whether it’s one single tree or a wholesale custom artificial tree order, our experienced team would be happy to guide you through the process. Feel free to reach out to Fake Tree Decor and set up an appointment today.