How Customizable Are Artificial Trees For Commercial Properties?

When you’re in charge of designing or managing a large commercial property, there can be a lot of pressure to get everything just right.

After all, you’ve got to make your tenants happy. You’ll do that through fair management, great quality construction, and attentive management.

You’ve got to make your investors happy. That comes through a reasonable management of the budget and a solid return on their investment.

And you’ve got to make sure clients and customers make their way to your property, that they enjoy the experience, and that they leave happy. Having an attractive building is part of that equation. Then the design and decoration are the other parts. 

Often, landscaping is seen as a straightforward way to accomplish that. But with the accessibility of certain trees and plants, their need for upkeep and maintenance, and the amount of water necessary to keep them vibrant and green, designers may soon turn to artificial trees.

Though these fake trees do solve some of the aforementioned issues associated with maintaining live trees, designers may be interested in knowing that there are also plenty of creative options connected with artificial trees.

Why Commercial Properties Might Consider Customizable Artificial Trees

When one first thinks about artificial trees, the images that often come to mind are department store purchases. Maybe it’s one of a few species of Christmas trees that look slightly different from one another. Or maybe it’s a fake plant meant to add a little green to a corner without being a danger to household pants.

So why would a commercial property consider something that on first glance can seem so run-of-the-mill?

Because in the right hands (like, say, the 30 years of experience that a manufacturer like Fake Tree Decor brings), artificial trees become more like art. Instead of a blank canvas, however, the canvas is the type of tree you’d like to have.

For commercial properties looking to channel a certain kind of theme, be it a hotel creating their own desert oasis or a restaurant that wants to feel like a mountain escape, the availability of these trees is a great way to begin the landscape design brainstorming process.

How Wholesale Customizable Artificial Trees Can Make Project More Affordable

While at first glance it seems like choosing a tree that grows freely in nature should be cheaper than a manufactured good, the bottom line is that is not often the case with landscaping projects.

Costs in landscaping projects can arise from shipping trees in from exotic locales, maintaining them in climates they’re not accustomed to, or creating landscaping where plants don’t naturally grow, like in arid, dry desert locations. Plus, full-grown trees require designers to essentially pay for the whole time a nursery has been growing them, so despite how natural live plants and trees may seem as a landscaping solution, there are plenty of costs baked-in.

On the other hand, customizable artificial trees can end up making commercial landscaping projects more affordable. By cutting down on the weekly, monthly, and seasonal costs you’re signing up for when you invest in live trees for your landscaping, artificial trees become a one-time expense in the budget. That allows flexibility when playing out your property’s budget.

Additionally, it helps when the time comes to scale your business. Say you want to build a few more hotels, or another mall, or another rental complex in a different city (or state, or even country). By establishing and controlling costs from the get go, you’re more likely to end up at or under your budget, generating more investor confidence and the likelihood of additional projects.

Ways A Customizable Artificial Tree Can Better Fit In Your Property’s Space

Unless you’re a master bonsai artist, trees tend to grow how they’re meant to grow. Though this will depend on certain natural factors like access to sunlight, the quality of the fertilizer, abundance of water, and how far their roots grow down, trees aren’t so easy to control.

After all, it’s likely you’ve seen how the roots of a tree can break through cement and pavement in no time at all.

In that sense, it’s fairly easy to see the appeal of an artificial tree over a living one. As beautiful as a real cherry blossom tree might be, as epic as a live pine tree is, as evocative as an olive tree is, they all have their specific sizes. 

With property rates soaring, you’re likely looking to make the best use of your space possible. 

For that restaurant on a busy street, maybe you need to source a tree that can be used inside. For an exposition center that’s several stories tall, maybe you need the kinds of palm trees that can look proportional. 

Whatever the case may be, artificial trees are like a sculpture or a piece of artwork. You’ll get the assurance ahead of time that this designed element will fit well into your property.

How Customizable Artificial Trees Can Benefit The Exterior Landscape of A Commercial Property

As you can make out from this example, the varied sizes of these Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees and Artificial Coconuts Trees help to transform the somewhat drury side of this building into an attractive spot. With the addition of benches for lounging and the potential for a pool, a previously uninteresting site is transformed.

Here, the sizes of each tree are intentionally varied in order to create a more lifelike appearance. It’s not too manufactured and not too manicured. And yet, it’s the kind of look that can be hard to consistently pull off with living trees.

Another scenario like the above could be that a building is already constructed. The cement’s been poured. Accessing the dirt just isn’t an option. These customizable artificial trees can be installed with little need to disrupt what’s already in place. In that way, getting the size and placement just right doesn’t require more than having the vision for your property’s new look. 

The Customizable Qualities Of Artificial Trees

As seen with the artificial coconut and palm trees above, the height of a tree is just one of the variables you can control when you order them custom-made. Below are six of the ways you can begin to think about how to customize your wholesale artificial tree purchase.

Choose Your Artificial Tree By Species

While artificial Christmas trees are often limited to a few species and only available at stores leading up to the season, the world of artificial trees is much, much bigger.

As an example to get you thinking, the following species of trees can be customized:

  • Artificial cherry blossom trees
  • Artificial ficus trees
  • Artificial Japanese maple trees
  • Artificial wisteria trees
  • Artificial palm trees
  • Artificial coconut trees
  • Artificial olive trees
  • Artificial pine trees
  • Artificial red maple trees

… and that’s just a start. Any type of fruit tree can be designed (with the fruits), any seasonally blossoming tree, and more. The tree species is often the visual starting point that designers work from.

Customize Your Artificial Tree’s Height

From the Artificial Blossom Tree, which comes standard at 170cm high, to Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees, which can be made up to 13m high, artificial trees have a wide range of heights. Given the similarly wide range of uses, and the likelihood that people will be coming up close to them, finding the ideal height is worthwhile. 

Plus, knowing the trees you’ll be designing will fit snugly in with the indoor or outdoor spot of your property – rather than growing out of control or looking too scrawny – should come as a relief during the often-stressful design process.

Customize Your Artificial Tree’s Width

The epic canopy of the Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree is another good example of how to creatively customize your artificial tree’s width. Fake Tree Decor has experience working in ranges from 250cm to 1,200cm, or about 40’, to create some truly magical moments. 

Whether the tree is used as a backdrop for a wonderful wedding or to create a memorable entryway to a classy mall, the customizable width will make sure everyone feels immersed and amazed.

Customize Your Artificial Tree’s Blossoms’ Colors

As you can see in this striking example of the Artificial Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree, customizing the color of the blossoms of your artificial tree is quite possible. This one is available right out of the box with White, Blue, or Champagne, and others are available on request.

Likewise, other artificial cherry blossom tree models allow for white, pink, rose, and red colored petals. The Japanese maples come in shades of red and orange. And the silk leaves can be made in a number of different shades of green.

The takeaway? Not only can you channel that just-right shade or tone you’re looking for with your artificial tree, you can also consider how this tree fits in with your company’s design and branding. Expositions might even enjoy choosing blossoms that match their logo’s colors for a completely cohesive effect. 

Customize Your Artificial Tree’s Branch Style

What you can start to make out here is that artificial trees can be customized beyond even colors. Though there are striking options here of pink, white, yellow, red, orange, mixed colors, and more, there is an even finer detail you may notice.

Yes – the branches, along with how the blossoms are grouped, can be customized, too. With the Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree, for example, you can choose between solid cherry, mixed cherry blossom, mixed cherry stems, big cherry blossoms, small cherry, and weeping cherry in different colors. This can allow you to create a refreshing amount of variety between all of the trees you’re ordering for your project. Capture different points of the season to create a stunningly lifelike look.

Customize Your Artificial Tree’s Design

We’ll leave you with one of our favorite recent projects. What we hope to share with this level of customization is that you don’t need to just think about making the tree a little taller, or a little wider, or with a slightly different color.

These trees can also be reimagined into engaging, immersive projects. Like this one, which is built around stairs and a slide for a whimsical, fairies-of-the-forest vibe. While this is more playful than more corporate properties, this kind of structure could find a home in a rental complex or at a kids’ play area in a mall.

Oftentimes, we think about artificial trees as if they have to be completely faithful representatives of the trees they’re modeled after. The truth goes beyond that, with fanciful, imaginative, and purposeful designs awaiting landscape designers of all kinds.

How To Get Started Customizing Your Wholesale Artificial Tree Project

With all the ideas likely brewing, there’s no reason to wait to get your next design started. 
To discuss the various ways customizable wholesale artificial trees can improve your commercial property, get in touch with the expert team at Fake Tree Decor today.