How Event Companies Can Use (And Re-Use) Artificial Trees

Many businesses are enthusiastic about using artificial trees because it allows them a greater amount of flexibility.

Hotels can create a stunning lobby with the types of trees that don’t normally grow indoors.

Restaurants can use artificial trees to create intimate, iconic moments for their guests.

And homes can use artificial trees to create a more environmentally friendly landscape with trees that don’t need regular watering or landscaping services.

But there is another business that’s really begun to embrace using artificial trees: event planning companies.

With an upfront investment in a number of artificial trees, these event planners can offer more dynamic solutions to their clients, a wider range of styles, and more.

To give you a sense of how this trend is expanding, we’ve outlined six interesting uses for artificial trees in large-scale events.

Read on to find out more!

1. Using Artificial Trees At Exhibition Halls

Depending on the type of exhibition you’re tasked with planning, design might not be at the forefront. Often attendees are flying in just for the weekend, will just spend their time milling about with other attendees and go to a dinner, and then they jet out late Sunday.

But it’s right when a client isn’t expecting much that you can leave a lasting impression with your services.

Exhibition halls are almost by definition a little bit boring. They have to be adaptable and flexible for a host of different uses.

So if you can make your events stand out, both the venue itself and the client you’re working with will appreciate the effort.

Imagine, for example, a number of these Artificial Weeping Cherry Blossom Trees spread throughout the location.

They can liven up drab corridors, spice up the check-in area, and be used to block unsightly features. It’s a welcome pop of color and a natural relief from the rest of the event space, and it shows that you as an event planner wanted to go the extra mile to produce something special.

Using artificial trees at exhibition halls and expositions is a great way to make an event memorable and give guests more than what they were expecting.

2. How To Use Artificial Trees To For That Dream Outdoorsy Wedding

While most brides have picked out the just-right flowers for their special day, not as many think about what artificial trees can add to their weddings.

Often, the happy couple will come to an event planner with a location in mind. Maybe they always dreamed of a forest wedding, but since they’re living in the city, they’re forced to make do with a more urban setting.

With Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees, you can turn even the most urban and industrial of spaces into a hidden forest retreat.

It’s this kind of out-of-the-box, innovative thinking that will keep your guests happy. And when your guests are happy, you and your event-planning company are able to charge decent rates for the services you provide.

Because ultimately what these artificial trees allow you to do is to bring that dream location to your clients. You’re not dependent on the season or the weather. All you depend on is yourself and the trees your company has already purchased.

3. Creating A Festival Setup With Artificial Trees

When we hear the word festival, a few international events come to mind. There are concert festivals like Coachella in California. Burning Man in Nevada. Tomorrowland in Belgium.

Many of these are inextricably linked to their surroundings, like the desert or the woods. They’re often in remote locations where attendees spend their nights camping out together.

With artificial trees, you can create that same festival experience in a much more controlled and accessible manner.

Thanks to tropical artificial trees like this Artificial Coconut Tree, Fake Mini Palm Tree, and Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees, you as an event planner can channel that desert festival vibe whenever you like.

The other element to consider is how much more quickly you’ll be able to act for last-minute events. We’ve all met clients that change their minds at the last minute. So what happens when one calls you looking for a festival-themed party this weekend?

No matter what kind of event you’re pulling off – maybe it’s a festival-themed wedding or a desert-themed product launch – having a few of these fake palm trees handy will make it a cinch.

4. Setting The Mood At A Gala Dinner Using Artificial Trees

When you’re commissioned to plan a gala dinner, the stakes can seem high. Here are big-spenders, high-ticket dinners, and lots of pressure.

Does your event planning company have what it takes to deliver decor that matches?

While most event planners are going to be thinking just about the flowers, you can take it a step further by having your own artificial trees available to set the mood.

The attention to detail is clear in these Artificial Blossom Trees. With the silk flowers and leaves and the realistic trunk, these are a classy way to add natural elegance to a beautiful event.

Plus, they’re not too over-the-top. At these events, you’ll often find that the guests want to be the star of the show. Giving them the just-right décor for their backdrop is the secret to them feeling like a million bucks.

And when you’re the event company who made them feel that way, you can be sure you’ll be getting another call soon.

5. When Should Artificial Trees Be Used For Holiday Parties?

One of the arguments for using real trees when the holidays come around is exactly that: the holidays just come once a year. Are we really supposed to hold onto our trees for a full year?

The truth is that using artificial trees for holiday parties is a great way for your clients to save money – and for you to make money.

Using Christmas as one example, holiday parties can often start as early as the first week in December, and go through the 25th. Depending on the theme of the party, they can even extend well up until New Year’s Day!

With natural trees, you risk losing leaves and branches the more you move them around. Because of that, you’ll have to pay more – and pass that cost onto your clients – to deliver real trees at every event.

When you can use artificial trees, which are more durable and easier to move around, you’ll save on costs.

And instead of thinking like these trees are only for holiday parties, consider investing in trees like this Artificial Flower Tree.

A smaller, more understated tree can be more versatile. By adding decorations or lights to it, it’ll fit right into the holiday theme. Then when the holidays are over, you can go ahead with using this tree for other events, like weddings and parties.

6. How Corporate Events Can Benefit From The Use of Artificial Trees

As an event planner, corporate events can seem very cut-and-dry, paint-by-the-numbers. Maybe you’re receiving a request to do the event just like you did it last year. Maybe you’re given a strict budget and told there’s no flexibility to go beyond it.

It’s just that kind of rigidity that makes artificial trees a welcome addition. Most clients won’t be expecting you to be able to deliver something as interesting as this epic Artificial Red Maple Tree.

Yet once you see the detail and the dimensions, the value is clear. It’s eye-catching. It’s a conversation starter. And it can lift a run-of-the-mill event to something more.

And when event companies make this kind of investment, they understand they’ll be able to offer this kind of tree at a more competitive price. It’s theirs to re-use, after all.

And in doing so, the same bid and the same budget that the client wants to work with now gets them that much more quality.

That quality, in turn, gets that event-planning company more bookings.

Ultimately, using artificial trees at corporate events is a win-win. For the client, they get a much-needed boost of attractive décor to distinguish their event from the many others their partners are sure to be attending.

For the event planner, this offering also lets them stand out from the crowd – while still being able to compete on price.

Are artificial trees right for your event planning company?

There are many instances where artificial trees can make a single event that much better.

Where event planning companies really begin to benefit is by re-using these trees for a number of events throughout the year for various clients.

Whether that makes financial sense for you and your company can depend on the kinds of events you plan, the types of clients you serve, and the geographic location of your business. It also depends on how far ahead in the future you’d like to plan your events, too, as that can affect how you estimate your budgets.

If you’d like to see about adding a few types of artificial trees to your event planning company’s offerings, we encourage you to get in touch with our experts at Fake Tree Decor.

We’re happy to discuss custom and bulk orders to get you the decoration solution you need.

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