How To Create A Vacation Atmosphere For Commercial And Residential Properties With Fake Trees

When you run a business that depends on regular visits from clients or customers, it’s in your best interest to use the design of your property to create warm, positive associations. 

Not only will that lead to a higher likelihood of those customers returning for additional visits in the future, but it will also lead to word-of-mouth referrals that increase attendance. 

For hotels and restaurants, those extra referrals mean full bookings that will help the bottom line. For yearly events, that can mean the difference between the kind of success that warrants the production of that event the following year.

There are a number of ways to create those positive associations. Landscaping and design both play a big part in the overall theme. Some firms aim for modern, upscale designs to attract a high-dollar clientele. Others aim for family-friendly fare, comfort, and accessibility to make people feel at home.

But there is one style that cuts across a number of audiences and sectors to engage a wide range of people: the vacation atmosphere.

Today we’ll take a look into why this style is so attractive as well as five ways to pull it off that could be just right for your establishment.

Why Clients And Customers Appreciate A Vacation Atmosphere

A vacation atmosphere is attractive for three reasons, and each can be utilized to better attract clients and customers to your commercial and residential properties.

  1. A Chance To Get Away – Vacations represent a break from the normal activities of our life, like errands, work commutes, and daily schedules. When we’re on vacation, we can wake up a little later, stay out a little longer, and eat and drink completely new dishes. Clever commercial and residential properties will orchestrate their designs to create moments like these as part of every visitor’s interactions with the property. With that positive experience – a surprisingly accurate fake tree, a themed cocktail – you impart another reason for that visitor to enjoy their time, and eventually, to come back again.
  2. Immersive Experiences – When we go on vacation, we go toward a certain experience. Going to the mountains for a ski retreat isn’t possible without also experiencing the snow, the evergreen trees, and the wood cabins. Going to the beach for a couple’s retreat isn’t possible without the sun, sand, and waves. It’s about the whole experience. By creating a cohesive vacation atmosphere, you can recreate that once-a-year moment in just a single night or a weekend.
  3. Ideal For Individuals And Families – Vacations are a fairly universal idea. Whether it’s college students taking a road trip together, backpackers going off on their own to explore new parts of the world, or families bonding together by sharing on a trip, vacations resonate with everyone. In that way, creating a vacation atmosphere helps to attract as wide a range of clients and customers as possible by not excluding anyone.

The Types Of Commercial And Residential Properties That Benefit From Vacation Atmospheres

With so much potential coming from this kind of design element, it’s worth asking just what kinds of commercial and residential properties can benefit from vacation atmospheres. While we’re sure the following list isn’t exhaustive, we present a few particularly compelling ones for your consideration.

  1. Hotels – One of the fundamental parts of travel, hotels stand to benefit the most from creating a specific kind of vacation atmosphere. Even if it’s one in the middle of a major metropolitan city (or especially if it is!), this emphasis on a specific kind of vacation will help travelers, whether business or leisure, feel more relaxed and at ease. That can contribute to repeat bookings and strong reviews, both of which are vital to a hotel’s longevity.
  2. Restaurants – People choose their restaurants based on, among other things, the kind of food and the atmosphere. If you can deliver on both, there’s a good chance your diners will come back again and again – and that they’ll leave positive reviews about the one-of-a-kind dining experience, helping to spread the word about your restaurant. In that way, investing in the décor and design will pay off over time.
  3. Apartment Buildings – It’s in an apartment building owner’s best interest to have their building completely full. Whether they’re renting out units or selling condos, a full building represents a better potential for earning than one with high turnover. Even though turnover might mean a chance to raise rents, it’s not as compelling as consistent incomes month after month. That’s why creating a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere is a great way to keep occupants content and sticking around.
  4. Malls – As much as malls are a place to go to buy goods, they are also a social center. Families have the opportunity to take their kids to play. Teens often go just to meet up. And the elderly community can use them for daily exercise. By making them an escape from the daily grind, malls can become that desirable place to be, and while people are there, there’s a better chance they’ll stick around for shopping instead of resorting to buying online.
  5. Exposition Centers – Often the majority of people attending conventions or conferences are coming from out of town. For exposition centers that can create these kinds of vacation atmospheres, they stand a better chance of securing repeat bookings and creating a strong reputation in the convention industry as a desirable venue for a range of industries.
  6. Event Planning Companies – While not technically a property, event planners work directly with many sites, so the idea of being able to offer the tools and resources necessary to create a vacation atmosphere – be it for a wedding, business networking event, or graduation party – could be invaluable for lifting their own reputation.

The Different Types Of Vacation Atmospheres Fake Trees Can Help To Create

As clear as it is how a specific type of mood can help to enhance the business prospects of commercial and residential properties, taking the next step to realize those moods can be tricky.

One solution that designers the world over have had success with?

Using fake trees to create the ideal vacation atmosphere for their properties. Though there is much to be said about other design elements, the transformative power of well-implemented fake trees is hard to match.

Of the many potential vacation atmospheres that can be created, the following are five of the most popular:

  1. Winter Retreat
  2. Tropical Holiday
  3. Peaceful Forest
  4. Japanese Spa
  5. Desert Oasis

How To Create These Vacation Atmospheres With Fake Trees

For those interested in pursuing any of the above themes for their commercial and residential properties, below is an example of each with the tree that would be ideal to build it around.

Creating A Winter Retreat Vibe With Fake Trees

For hotels trying to channel an Aspen, Colorado vibe or a look inspired by the Swiss Alps, the Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Tree is an excellent starting point. With its commanding size, unique fiberglass trunk, and silk pine needles, this is a look that will attract attention all year long.

With these pine trees as a starting point, the theme can easily be upgraded. For a little bit of seasonality, for example, fake white snow could be used on the pine needles or placed around the base. Additional pine-themed decorations, like wreaths and boughs, can be used to help style individual portions of the property, like rooms, tables, or hallways.

What’s more, these trees can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the size of the building – and of the tree. Because wholesale artificial tree manufacturers like Fake Tree Decor custom-make each of their trees, you can make sure the vacation atmosphere is made just for you.

Creating A Tropical Holiday Vibe With Fake Trees

There aren’t many destinations more popular than tropical islands. From Hawaii to the Maldives, these spots are always a hit with travelers. 

But just because they’re desirable doesn’t mean they’re easy to get to. For many travelers, these dream getaways can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Still, that doesn’t stop us from thinking about them.

With this kind of tropical holiday vibe for your commercial property, you can give clients and customers a taste of that experience in a much more attainable way. With these Artificial Coconut Trees, they’ll get the visual taste of island life, even if your property happens to be thousands of miles away. Plus, with the built-in springs for the artificial leaves of the Coconut Tree, you can recreate the feeling of island breezes.

The cumulative effect of all of these small touches helps to create an immersive experience that’ll leave guests feeling restored and relaxed, no matter how brief their encounter with your property ended up being.

Creating A Peaceful Forest Vibe With Fake Trees

While tropical vacations are all the rage, there’s nothing quite as soothing as a remote stay immersed in nature. This Artificial Red Maple Tree has the potential to be the building block for a residential property that wants to embrace this atmosphere. 

The idea of turning one’s home into a vacation is tempting, but often difficult to pull off because as soon as one gets used to the vacation it stops feeling as special. The key, then, are more subtle notes that help to soothe the stresses of the day and separate where one lives from the rest of the daily life. 

When taking a daily walk through the woods isn’t possible, either because of where we live or how busy our schedules can be, bringing the woods to the residence is an excellent compromise.

Creating A Japanese Spa Vibe With Fake Trees

Though a more specific atmosphere to channel, with its tranquility and relaxed elements, the Japanese spa retreat is one of the more recognized in the world. Aided with a Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree, a hotel could transform a traditional spa space into a renowned one. 

Likewise, a restaurant could use this kind of tree to create a welcome, restorative atmosphere that transports its guests to another part of the world, if only for a meal. 

The size and color of this kind of tree helps to distract from drab elements, allowing it to be the centerpiece of your property’s design.

Creating A Desert Oasis Vibe With Fake Trees

As certain desert locales become more and more popular, like Joshua Tree outside of Los Angeles (thanks in part to the international renown of desert music festivals like Coachella), there is a certain sort of desert oasis vibe that commercial properties could evoke with the use of artificial trees.

With Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees, for example, you can set the tone of your property while your customers and clients are still arriving. While certain atmospheres tend to have details that are more intimate, this is one example where you can use a large tree to set the tone from the beginning, letting guests know that they’re entering a new locale. 

By allowing themselves to be transported for the length of their stay, they’ll have even more positive associations with the experience.

Where To Look For Wholesale Artificial Fake Trees For Your Next Design Project 

Creating a vacation atmosphere for commercial and residential properties can have positive effects in both the short and long term, as guests, clients, and customers find themselves impressed by the immersive experience and make plans to come back and enjoy it again and again.
Getting the design just right is an important next step in developing this kind of atmosphere. Consult with the experts at Fake Tree Decor about how customized wholesale artificial trees can be utilized and you’ll be sure to create the right look for your property.