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Large Faux Olive Tree

Realistic Large Faux Olive Tree Adds A Timeless Charm To Your Personal Or Professional Space, An Impressively Detailed Prop With A Dense Canopy And Thick Trunk.

Product Name Large Faux Olive Tree
Leaf Material Silk Olive Leaves
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Trunk Material Fiberglass With Steel Structure
Tree Size 300cm (118.1″) High, 300cm (118.1″) Width
Trunk Diameter 20cm (7.9″)
Bottom Diameter 40cm (15.7″)
Plywood Packaging 210cm (82.7″) x 80cm (31.5″) x 123cm (48.4″) (2PCS/BOX)
Application Holiday, Party, Wedding, Hotel, Event, Etc.


This Mediterranean-inspired Faux Olive Tree Is The Ideal Decoration For Wineries, Casinos, Hotel Lobbies, Restaurants, And More – And Even Comes Complete With Natural-Looking Olives If You Want!

  1. The perfect addition to outdoor landscapes and for indoor decor, this Large Faux Olive Tree adds an old-world charm wherever it’s placed
  2. High-quality silk olive leaves and an impressive fiberglass trunk add unmatched realism to this faux tree
  3. Super sturdy and stable, this faux tree has a square iron plate fixed to its base so you can secure it to the ground, or add weight on top of it
  4. Maintenance-free, you can install this Large Faux Olive Tree in very little time and let it be without needing to dig it up, deal with fertilizers, or worry about watering

Realistic Large Faux Olive Tree Adds A Timeless Charm To Your Personal Or Professional Space, An Impressively Detailed Prop With A Dense Canopy And Thick Trunk

Setting your professional space apart can make all the difference when it comes to attracting new clients and keeping your favorite customers coming back. With the right landscaping, you can create just the right image and tell just the right story about your business.

When you’re ready, this Large Faux Olive Tree will add character and charm to restaurants, wineries, and more. Channel the historic nature of a tree tied to olive oil and wine production without having to create the perfect environment for it to grow in.

This hassle-free Large Faux Olive Tree couldn’t be simpler for you. Made of fiber-reinforced plastic, the branches and trunk will last for years without the need for constant upkeep like traditional landscaping.

Set your business or event space apart with the charms of the Large Faux Olive Tree. Order yours today.

Hassle-Free Large Faux Olive Tree Saves You From Having To Plant, Water, and Care For The Landscape Design You’re Looking For

  1. Gentle olive-green elongated leaves are made of a premium silk fabric to create a soft-to-the-touch feel that’ll last for years to come
  2. With a trunk made of fiberglass and supported by an internal steel structure placed on top of a metal plate for stability, you can trust your Large Faux Olive Tree will stay standing tall
  3. Convenient size and construction makes shipping, transportation, and even everyday portability simpler
  4. The Large Faux Olive Tree can even come fruited or unfruited, so you can choose to have realistic-looking olives dotting the branches if you like

Customized To Your Needs
Beyond the addition of olives, you can also customize the height and width of your Large Faux Olive Tree. Though normally 300cm high and 300cm wide, the tree can range from 300cm to 350cm for your convenience.

Designers and Decorators Love This Tree
Not only do you save yourself time and energy digging to install this tree, but you also save it not having to maintain and water this laidback Large Faux Olive Tree.

Liven Up Your Location
These Large Faux Olive Trees are a welcome sight and great focal points for a variety of establishments, like hotel lobbies, restaurants, casinos, and as a decorative touch in residences and malls