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Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees

Create A Canopy Of Authentic-Looking Pine Trees For A Completely Unique Vibe For Furniture Stores, Restaurants, Exhibition Halls, And More.

Product Name Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees
Leaf Material Silk Pine Leaves
Trunk Material Fiberglass With Steel Structure
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Tree Size 300cm (118.1″) High, 300cm (118.1″) Width, 170cm (66.9″) Trunk Height, 10cm (3.9″) Middle Diameter,14cm (5.5″) Bottom Diameter.

450cm (177.2″) High, 450cm (177.2″) Width, 210cm (82.7″) Trunk Height, 15cm (5.9″) Middle Diameter,20cm (7.9″) Bottom Diameter.

Packaging Plywood
Application Holiday, Party, Exhibition, Hotel, Event, Etc.

Get The Distinct, Calming Vibe Of A Forest Of Pine Trees WIth These Beautiful Recreations That Don’t Require Any Maintenance At All

  1. Umbrella-shaped pine tree creates an immersive canopy, perfect for a relaxing, recharging aesthetic that’s sure to enhance any space
  2. Perfect for large spaces like hotels, parties, events, these Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees attract attention with their size and realism
  3. Designed to be maintenance-free, these faux pine trees don’t require additional landscaping care so you can set them up to achieve the look you’re wanting without any additional work
  4. Customize your tree’s appearance, thanks to flexible branches that can be adjusted to fit your vision

Create A Canopy Of Authentic-Looking Pine Trees For A Completely Unique Vibe For Furniture Stores, Restaurants, Exhibition Halls, And More

One of the most iconic trees, the pine tree is an evergreen, a constant source of lively green in forests all over the world.

Now you can channel the impressive nature of the tallest trees with these Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees, designed to replicate the beauty of a pine tree from its rugged bark down to the look and feel of each individual pine needle.

Thanks to premium silk needles, a durable fiberglass trunk, and a steel structure supporting the whole tree from the inside, these Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees are designed to last, all while not requiring any additional maintenance, care, or watering like a traditional tree.

That’s why these trees work just as well indoors in restaurants, cafes, and stores as they do in bigger spaces like expos, parties, and parks. Order your own Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees today.

The Ideal Faux Pine Tree For Your Home Or Office Space To Infuse A Natural Aesthetic, Promote Creativity and Design A Welcoming Environment

  1. The sturdy fiberglass trunk is filled with a supportive steel structure that ensures these Outdoor Artificial Trees can stay upright and strong for years
  2. Connected by iron plates, the base of the trunk can even be secured to the ground for additional peace of mind
  3. Durable and beautiful Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees make sure you get your money’s worth on your investment with a product that will last
  4. The level of detail and attention goes down to each flexible branch and each individual needle’s distinct roots, not only creating trees that are all unique but showing you the level of commitment and craftsmanship in each of our products

No Maintenance Required

Unlike many other plants, flowers, and trees, these Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Trees don’t require watering, landscaping, or upkeep so you can focus on their beautiful aesthetic instead of worrying about whether they’ve been taken care of.

Two Impressive Sizes

For your convenience, the Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Tree is built from two molds: one is 3 meters high, and the other is 4.5 meters high. The former is great for more restricted indoor spaces like restaurants while the latter is great for exhibition halls, atriums, hotels, and more.

Lifelike Textures
Thanks to carefully crafted silk pine leaves and a specially designed outer fiberglass layer that resembles the grooves and bark of a real pine tree, you’ll get the immediate satisfaction of having a pine tree on your property without any of the hassles.