Custom Design

Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Enjoy Lifelike Palm Trees That Can Stand Up To Wind, Weather, UV Rays, and More While Giving Your Commercial Property A Dynamic Landscape.

Product Name Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees
Leaf Material Waterproof Silk Fabric + Spring Steel + Galvanized Steel Pipe
Trunk Material Fiberglass With Steel Structure
Bottom Material Metal Plate for Fixing
Tree Height 800cm (315.0″)
Trunk Height 650cm (259.9″)
Bottom Diameter 65cm (26.0″)
Middle Diameter 55cm (21.7″)
Leaves 35pcs
Plywood Packaging 650cm (259.9″) x 95cm (37.4″) x 95cm (37.4″)
Application Swimming Pool, Park, Exhibition, Hotel, Airport, School, Event, Etc.


Impressively Realistic and Durable Artificial Palm Trees Add Prominence and Glamour To Both Indoor And Outdoor Spaces – Without The Maintenance

  1. Made of high-quality materials, these Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees look just like the real tree and are every bit as durable
  2. Carefully crafted details like the palm fronds made of a premium silk fabric and an exquisitely refined trunk will add character wherever this tree is placed
  3. Strong enough to withstand wind, the stability of these Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees is ensured thanks to an interior steel skeleton that supports the trunk
  4. Create an immersive landscape with multiple trees at wholesale pricing

Enjoy Lifelike Palm Trees That Can Stand Up To Wind, Weather, UV Rays, and More While Giving Your Commercial Property A Dynamic Landscape

There’s no denying that plants have an unparalleled ability to make a space more beautiful. From the tiniest studio apartments to the largest hotel foyers, plants, bushes, flowers, and trees infuse a natural aesthetic that helps us feel more at ease in the environment. The problem is the costs, both in terms of time and personnel, that it takes to care for and maintain them.

Focus on the beauty of adding trees to your space instead of the costs, and consider these Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees, a lifelike palm that stands up to 8m tall with 35 fronds that will transform your property in an instant.

Thanks to premium silk fabric leaves that can withstand any weather and a carefully constructed trunk built from fiberglass with a steel structure, these trees are flexible enough to sway in the wind without damage, making sure the look you’ve created lasts for a long time.

Ready to capture the beauty of nature without having to pay the costs of landscaping and upkeep? Transform your property today with these Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees.

Sturdy Construction And Refined Design Combine For An Amazingly Accurate Palm Tree That Infuses Space With A Natural Aesthetic

  1. Waterproof premium silk leaves look just like the real thing while being able to stand up to tough weather all year round
  2. Lush arching leaves, carefully detailed trunks, and impressive sizes make these palm trees ideal for large spaces like exhibition halls, airports, schools, hotels, and more
  3. The Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees are built to sway in the wind and withstand pressure thanks to a reinforced steel structure, strong iron plate base, and rebar – but all you’ll see is a gorgeous palm tree
  4. Capture the attention of guests, customers, and visitors with striking palm trees for an all-natural landscape setting – no matter where your business is located

Customize To Get Just What You Want
The mold for our Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees creates trees that measure 8m in height from their base to the leaves, with 35 leaves that range from 220cm to 310cm in size. Our trees can be customized to meet your requirements, and commonly range from 6-13 meters.

Ideal for Commercial Spaces
Add aesthetic value to the properties you manage, the pool area at your hotel, the landscaping at a school, exhibition halls, and airports with a series of Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees, the no-maintenance alternative to planting trees.

No Need For Special Care
Unlike real plants and trees that can burden you with watering and landscaping costs, these Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees solve those problems without sacrificing a realistic look.