Which Artificial Tree Makes The Most Sense For Your Business

Increasingly, businesses are reconsidering their landscaping designs. 

For both environmental and economic reasons, new businesses and existing businesses alike are beginning to see the merits of embracing artificial trees throughout their properties.

This isn’t just a trend confined to one country or even one region. In fact, it is picking up speed in the US, in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and more as businesses look to artificial trees as the solution to a number of landscaping problems that can creep up.

So, just what kinds of issues do these fake trees solve? And what kinds of businesses can take advantage of fake trees to thrive?

We’ve compiled the answers to both to help growing and existing businesses understand which artificial trees make the most sense for them.

Why Commercial Properties Are Switching To Artificial Trees

There are three main reasons that commercial properties are embracing wholesale artificial trees.

  1. Landscape Design Flexibility – Imagine you’re based in the desert, and your client is looking for a hotel property that’s reminiscent of a wooded forest. Or if you’re in a lush, tropical setting and you’re trying to create a springtime event through specific greenery. It’s not always possible to have the trees and plants you’re looking for in any given environment. Instead of forcing the issue with ill-suited flora, commercial properties are going with artificial trees that provide the desired look and feel without the concerns about environmental fit.
  2. Environmental Concerns – As the world is changing and water is becoming more scarce, commercial properties and hotels can often be seen as the culprits for using a disproportionate amount of water to keep their lands well-maintained and verdant. As a response to those concerns and an embrace of a more water-conscious future, commercial properties and landscape designers are realizing the water-free benefits of artificial plants, trees, and grasses for decorating.
  3. Long-Term Savings – When installing a new landscape, there are going to be costs – even with real trees. Most properties don’t have the time or patience to wait 25 years for trees to become full-grown, so they’d opt for buying them ready to go. In that sense, there are always going to be initial outlays. Budget-conscious organizations, though, look toward the future to see how they can save money. With artificial trees, landscaping bills are significantly reduced (and in some cases, even eliminated), leaving savvy investors a more manageable timeline.

It’s that last note that is most compelling to business owners, so let’s dive into it.

How Fake Trees Can Help Your Property Budget More Effectively

Those savings that artificial trees can help you achieve can be broken down into three categories.

  1. Landscaping Maintenance – With regular trees, shrubs, and grass, businesses can be expected to hire regular landscaping crews to maintain their properties, as well as specialized crews to attend to trees on a seasonal basis. This means not only the disturbance of having these crews using leaf blowers and lawnmowers on properties in a way that could disturb guests (especially at hotels), but it also means the recurring costs of a team coming on a weekly or monthly basis. Then there’s the separate outlay of trimming trees before the winter months to prevent limbs from breaking which also needs to be factored into the budget.
  2. Economies of Scale – This refers more to the design and production process. For properties using a wholesale artificial tree manufacturer, they’ll likely experience economies of scale for larger orders. Where designs can be repeated or processes can be streamlined, there is money to be saved. Nature, on the other hand, doesn’t scale in the same way. Whether it’s waiting for trees to grow to adulthood, or having to pay for the time a nursery invests in caring for those now-adult trees, real trees are not likely to be as budget-friendly in this instance.
  3. Water Bills – Though this certainly depends on the region where the property is located, water bills can not only be exorbitant, but they can be the source of political and communal pressure as well. Depending on your property’s size, the costs for watering trees and plants can be a significant part of a daily budget. Then, depending on your property’s location, the costs of transporting water through an inhospitable, dry region – like the way the city of Las Vegas does – can set you up to incur other costs, too.

For all the reasons mentioned above, more and more businesses are supplementing their landscape designs with artificial trees.

What Kinds Of Businesses Benefit Most From Artificial Trees

Any business that has regular interactions with clients and customers can benefit from artificial trees. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular ones, but there really isn’t a limit to the kind of landscaping design you can do with these kinds of artificial trees.

To that end, there are five main categories of businesses that benefit most:

  1. Event Planning Companies
  2. Shopping Malls
  3. Exhibitions and Conventions
  4. Hotels
  5. Creative Businesses

Though we don’t want to limit your creativity when it comes to designing for your property, we’re going to share a popular choice for each of the following companies, along with some suggestions about how to incorporate it into your business.

What Kinds Of Artificial Trees Work For Event Planning Companies

If you’re an event planner or you work for an event planning company, you necessarily work on events. This is an important distinction from the more permanent properties because you’re able to use and reuse materials. Of course, you can always source what you need from other vendors, but when you own something, you can keep charging the client for its use while you realize the profits.

With that in mind, we often recommend event planning companies have a number of Artificial Blossom Trees handy. Because they are available in smaller sizes and with a number of beautiful silk blossoms, they make a striking addition to small scale events. 

This means birthdays, graduations, office parties, anniversaries, family reunions, and more. The flowers can be customized, too, should you want to provide different options. Still, having the universally pleasing white flowers on hand will allow you as an event planner to use this time and time again.

What Kinds Of Artificial Trees Work For Shopping Malls

When it comes to landscape design for larger commercial properties like shopping malls, you’re likely thinking about a unifying theme. 

This could be something that makes your shopping mall more of an experience or a destination, a change from the rest of the city that attracts people not just to shop, but just to walk, talk, rest, and be.

It could be something that establishes a more refined tone to elevate the shopping experience. You might consider elegant Cherry Blossom Trees for a more luxurious experience.

One idea that we’ve seen implemented well in a number of different situations is the Large Outdoor Artificial Pine Tree. The sizing and coloring of this impressive tree have a way of transporting viewers to a calmer place. 

Though you’re not trying to over-relax your guests into a state of tranquility, the subtle addition of these kinds of trees can set your mall apart from the busy outside world, the lanes of traffic, and the sounds of the city. This, then, is a great way to increase foot traffic and affinity for a commercial property so that you can maintain a long-term relationship with your customers.

What Kinds Of Artificial Trees Work For Exhibitions And Conventions

For those in the business of planning exhibitions and conventions, artificial trees are a very useful, short-term solution for creating an interesting atmosphere.

Why invest in creating that kind of atmosphere in the first place?

With many conventions being a meeting place for international professionals in a certain industry, there are plenty of chances for idea exchanges, networking, and collaboration. 

At the same time, there are just as many chances for attendees to meet up at bars outside the convention center or exhibition, to explore the city, or to head out of town.

What’s important for the future of your convention is that those attendees remember fondly being at the convention. It’s important that they made connections while inside that led them to a bigger network later on. And to do that, it’s on the convention or exhibition itself to make the event more inviting.

These expansive Artificial Flower Trees provide a welcoming canopy of silk leaves and flowers that can make for an especially enjoyable event. Think of the cold walls or blank spaces of a traditional convention. They’re not adding anything to the experience, so the guest doesn’t feel any particular affinity for them.

By adding in an occasional artificial tree, the space becomes greener, fresher, and livelier. There’s a sense of purpose, and attendees just might spend more time together on the convention floor instead of racing off to find a more interesting opportunity. 

What Kinds Of Artificial Trees Work For Hotels

There’s something so captivating about these Large Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees that makes them such an iconic fit for both hotels and other hospitality establishments, like restaurants or cafes.

Hospitality is about making people feel welcome, for one. And in today’s social media age, you need to find different ways to welcome people in the first place. After all, you can’t show your guests how great your service is if they’re not yet your guests.

This swooping fake cherry tree makes a statement when used in the lobby of a hotel or the dining room of a restaurant. Not only will it give your guests a great first impression at your place of business, but it will also give them a great first impression when looking up your hotel online. 

Seeing this commitment to developing the ambiance suggests the rest of your service will also be equally thoughtful and attentive, so this fake tree makes for a great investment. 

What Kinds Of Artificial Trees Work For Creative Businesses

For businesses that work in the creative industries like design, marketing, film, or photography, they stand to gain a lot with every client meeting they host. It’s the chance to present who they are, what they stand for, and the work they do. And that’s all done in a creative space that stands as an extension of the company.

With the dazzling reds of the Artificial Red Maple Tree, creative businesses can show off their fiery personalities while paying homage to the beauty and inspiration of nature. Just imagine hosting meetings underneath this tree, laying out your pitch to the clients, and watching their eyes light up with delight.

Where To Get Customized Wholesale Artificial Trees

While the businesses just mentioned can certainly benefit from the use of artificial trees, the ones above are truly just a beginning. Quality manufacturers like Fake Tree Decor are able to create custom trees and scale projects easily. 
To discuss your next project, get in touch with the expert artificial tree manufacturers at Fake Tree Decor today.